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Why is Caribbean Water SO Blue? We Dove Deep to Find Out

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Water so blue, it ignites a flame of passion.  Or rather, shall we say, water with so many extraordinary shades of blue. Those who have gazed upon it already understand, and those who have yet to – trust,  as soon as you set eyes upon it you’ll understand too. Which beautifully blue sea are we talking about? None other than the fabled Caribbean Sea.

Songs have been sung, books written, movies made – and millions of photos taken of the liquid luxury that is the Caribbean waters. But, how many people actually know why. Why is the water so unbelievably exquisite?

Many of us live alongside coasts – west coast, east coast, south coast, gulf coast – and that’s just the continental U.S. – and have access to beaches. Yet, none of those coasts offers ocean water as incredible as the Caribbean. Why not? Why aren’t all ocean areas as magnificent as the Caribbean?

Well, here are three main factors that enable the Caribbean to sparkle so brightly:

why is the caribbean so blueLight

  • The reason oceans are blue to begin with is because of light. Light rays are made up of a rainbow of colors, and depending on which colors are absorbed and which are refracted, will result in the color we see.
  • When the sun shines down onto the ocean, red light is absorbed, and blue light is refracted, meaning the blue tones are what our eyes pick up.


  • When the water is shallow and relatively clear, light rays penetrate straight down to the sand – and then reflect back immediately. The Caribbean has many shallow depths, especially near the islands and coastlines, which is also why one can see so many shades of blue next to each other. The varying depths of the sea cause varying shades of blue.

why is the caribbean so blueWhat’s In the Water

  • As a ray beams down, it contacts everything in the water. So as mentioned above, when the ray penetrates shallow water it simply hits the white Caribbean sand – and then reflects off it, producing a light blue hue. But if the light were to come into contact with any “life,” then the color will alter.
  • Due to its warm temperature, the Caribbean sea holds less oxygen and carbon dioxide, making it a challenging environment for organisms to live in. Fewer organisms = fewer things for the light to reflect off of, leaving a pure blue hue. An ocean housing many phytoplankton will take on a greenish hue instead, for example.

So to summarize – the Caribbean sea is calm, warm – and has minimal sea-life in its shallow waters, which all combine to create the magnificent color(s) residents and visitors have been enjoying for centuries!

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As an added bonus – the idyllic, small – and extremely remote island of Anguilla has, quite possibly, the most incredible water  of all the Caribbean. With little topography to cause any amount of weather other than sunny and clear, the surrounding waters remain calm, magnificent and perfectly tepid.

If you’re itching for another Caribbean getaway, or are ready to embark on your first journey to the region, we highly recommend Anguilla.  Anguilla is an island that inspires luxury, and few resorts offer the luxury and pleasing aesthetics as the iconic Cap Juluca Resort. Plan your getaway today, or even let the folks at Cap Juluca help you plan it. But either way – the Caribbean is calling, and those perfectly blue seas are begging you to come in for a dip!


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