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There’s Paradise, And Then there’s These Five Caribbean Beach Bars

caribbean beach bars

Palm tree swaying in the light breeze. Lounge chairs casually strewn across the sand with swimsuit clad vacationers sipping on a cocktail decorated with a colorful little umbrella.

There’s a distinct reason why this is a common image seen and imagined when it comes to the Caribbean – because it’s what really happens.

The Caribbean is a destination that offers both an unyielding array of activities or the option to be utterly lazy.

Plenty of vacationers opt for the occasional excursion, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking or scuba diving, but for the most part people retreat to the Caribbean to lounge around and do a whole lot of nothing.

Each picturesque island is a slice of paradise where nothing is expected from visitors and every luxury awaits.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Caribbean pastimes is consumption of tropical beverages. If you’re in the Caribbean, chances are it’s for a vacation, so the time is ripe to sit beachside and sip on an iconic rum punch.

With a vast array of islands, and even more beach bars, to choose from, one might wonder how such a decision is to be made?

Caribbean Beach Bars Not to Miss

To help you narrow down the search for the best beach bar in the Caribbean, here is a quick list of our top five. Cheers!

Dune Preserve – Anguilla, British West Indies

caribbean beach bars - dunes preserve
Image credit: Bob Green’s Anguilla News

This is a scene straight out of any movie scene where people are marooned on a tropical island.

Bankie Banx, the legendary reggae star, gathered pieces of shipwrecked racing boats and washed-up driftwood to build the epic Dune Preserve (circa 1994). With hurricanes waging a fairly annual war, the scene has changed and evolved over time, but the general ambiance always remains the same – laid back reggae Caribbean chill. Not only is this an excellent place to sit back and sip on a drink or two, but there’s a constant line-up of incredible musical talent, oftentimes Bankie Banx himself.

Infiniti Bar – Grace Bay Club, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

It’s literally the longest bar in the Caribbean. At a whopping 90 feet, this bar is a sight to behold, and called Infiniti because it appears to extend indefinitely into the Caribbean Sea. The setting is absolutely breathtaking and an experience unlike any other. Chic, sleek and swanky, the bar is adorned with blue and gold Bisazza glass mosaic tiles and was designed by Keith Hobbs. There are plenty of seats, but definitely arrive early enough to grab an epic seat at the very end of the bar, closest to the water, where you can sip while gazing at the brilliant sunset.

Rick’s Café – Negril, Jamaica

caribbean beach bars - rick's cafe
Image source: Rick’s Cafe Jamaica

Definitely one of the most famous bars in the Caribbean, and for good reason – Rick’s Café is a nonstop Caribbean festival. On any given day, you’ll see local aerialists performing acrobatic dives from high cliffs. The performers set the tone for visitors to gather their courage to make their own dives from any one of five rocky platforms that descend from the bar’s clifftop aerie. Technically cliff jumping is not advised or encouraged, but it’s such a tradition, the rules remain virtually unenforced. Whether or not you decide to leap from the cliffside, the drinks alone make the experience worthwhile.

Naked Fisherman – St. Lucia

It’s as if you got lost in the Caribbean jungle and happened upon a remote Beach-side paradise. Nestled in a natural cove, The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill is a complete antidote to the stress and rigors that life throws at you. The atmosphere is utterly relaxing, and you have your choice of seats on the beach, deck, table or bar. Between the delectable drinks and unbelievable scenery, this bar comes dangerously close to enticing visitors to cast their anchors and escape reality forever.

Maundays – Anguilla

caribbean beach bars - maundays barLocated directly on its own private beach, Maundays Bay Beach, Maundays Bar offers pristine, untarnished views of the spectacular Anguillian coastline. Enjoy one of the magnificent sunsets over the bay while relaxing with a cocktail in hand. The drink menu is extensive, offering a variety of crafted cocktails as well as high-end rums, cognacs, scotch whiskeys, gins, vodkas and world-class cigars to complete the experience.

Beautiful beach bars aren’t difficult to come by in the Caribbean, so it’s important to consider your own preferences – jungle vibe, fancy surroundings, wild party, upscale crowd, etc. Every beach bar will offer something just a little different, which makes visiting more than one exciting and fresh.

For the ultimate luxury experience right in your own resorts backyard, so to speak, you’ll want to book your stay at the magnificent Cap Juluca Resort on Anguilla Island. Secluded from the more populous regions of the Caribbean, Anguilla is the premier island choice for those looking for a serene, low key yet highly upscale Caribbean getaway. Cap Juluca is nestled away on a mile-long private beach and features striking Greco-Moorish architecture. For further details, visit here.

Cheers, Salud, Chin-Chin, Prost, Bottoms Up!

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