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Trade Snow for Sand and Turkey for Rum Punch – Thanksgiving Anguillian Style

thanksgiving in the caribbean

Did winter find you just a little too early last year? Did you find yourself dreaming of sand instead of snow and bikinis instead of coats?

No one can blame you if that was the case. Seems like this might be the opportune moment to consider a very untraditional Thanksgiving in the most incredible destination possible: the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies.

Retreat to paradise void of hectic traffic, fast food chains and anything less than perfectly luxurious.

If an Anguillian Thanksgiving is truly on your radar, let us paint of picture of what you can expect instead of turkey and snow.

Here are a few reasons to consider Thanksgiving in the Caribbean

Unimaginably Delectable Cuisine

thanksgiving in the caribbean - pimmsIf having a turkey; or traditional Thanksgiving meal in general, is important to you, it’s still entirely possible. But, please note Anguilla just so happens to be the Caribbean culinary destination. This is surprising to many given Anguilla’s small size and remote location. But those are two of the reasons chefs around the world (and on the island) love the Anguillian lifestyle and have chosen to set up shop permanently.

This is no exaggeration: Anguilla features an enormous array of five-star restaurants serving everything from traditional Caribbean fare to exotic Moroccan dishes. Beachside, on the sand and even in the water – one can dine in nearly any location on the beautiful island. A few of our favorite dining establishments on the island include:

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A Slower Pace of Life

Anguilla is a whopping 35 square miles. In other words, time is plentiful and the island moves at a leisurely pace. Rushing, stressing or worrying aren’t words in the Anguillian vocabulary, and you’re unlikely to find them in yours whilst vacationing on Anguilla.

Thanksgiving on the island won’t consist of racing to get somewhere, battling for the last turkey or dealing with an onslaught of work emails while trying to socialize with friends and family. Anguilla is the place people retreat to recharge their personal batteries and escape from normal life.

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Bikinis Instead of Bundling

thanksgiving in the caribbean - bikini weatherCold temperatures inevitably bring layers upon layers. You can leave your coats, hats, scarves, gloves and layers behind because there’s only one main outfit you’ll need on Anguilla – a swimsuit.

The initial excitement of a winter wardrobe is normal, but how long does it normally take you to long for flip flops and a bikini instead? November and December happen to bring some of the most delightful weather of the year – not too hot, and certainly never too cold.

Sand So White it Appears to be Snow

It’s a no brainer Anguilla is snow free, but are you aware  its sand is so incredibly white, it slightly resembles snow? Anguilla is well-known throughout the Caribbean for having impeccably soft, pristine sand, and we guarantee your jaw will drop when you first lay eyes upon it.

Set against the impossibly blue Caribbean Sea, the whiteness of the sand is emphasized even further. Photographs on any one of Anguilla’s magnificent 33 beaches are guaranteed to incite vacation envy.

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Watch Sunsets Instead of Football

thanksgiving in the caribbean - sunsetsIt’s no secret Caribbean sunsets are magnificent. If you can even believe it, Anguillian sunsets are out of this world. Instead of posting up in front of that big screen TV this Thanksgiving, grab a front row seat to one of nature’s most spectacular shows.

The best part is there are plenty of spots for prime sunset watching, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever tire from the experience. If you want to feel extra cozy, curl up on the porch of your private villa and watch from there. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for a romantic beach stroll and find a perfect, secluded spot to gaze at the brilliant colorful sky.

An Anguillian Thanksgiving will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. There are no proper words to describe the immense serenity and beauty the island provides, nor we can explain fully how completely at peace you’ll feel during your stay. Trade in your coats, snow, turkey’s and football for a luxurious Anguillian getaway.

To help inspire your trip planning process, the iconic and elegant Cap Juluca Resort is offering a 5th night free. Set on its own mile-long private beach, Cap Juluca is the premier resort choice on the island. Unmistakable with its gleaming white Greco-Moorish architecture, Cap Juluca will seal the deal for your trip to paradise.

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