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Scilly Simplicity – Why This Cay Represents True Island Living

scilly cay caribbean

What makes life complicated? Without getting too philosophical, let’s simply say choices. Why does anyone spend hours in the grocery store? Choices. Why do we spend so much time fretting over which outfit to wear? Choices. There are many more examples of this but you get the point. Eliminate choices and simplicity returns. Who knew that a “Scilly” little cay is the place to let go of choices and just be happy? We did, and we want you to know too.

The Caribbean is full of relaxing beaches, hidden coves, and stimulating jaunts. The only real trouble one finds while vacationing in the Caribbean is deciding where to go and when. See? Choices! Always the culprit.

So here’s an easy solution. Spend a day at Scilly Cay.

What is Scilly Cay? A tiny coral based island, off the stunning shores of Anguilla,  which crowns in the bay of Island Harbour.

What can you do at Scilly Cay? You can have a great time because the choices are very limited, if not altogether nonexistent.

Scilly Cay Caribbean’s (Glorious!) Lack of Choices

scilly cay caribbean - snorkeling

Lack of Choice #1

  • There’s one way to arrive – by boat. Oh, and there’s one price for the boat ride – free. There are many ways to have a good day. Sailing away from one paradise on a free boat to shortly arrive at the next paradise is one of the best ways we’ve experienced.

Lack of Choice #2

  • The menu has four options. Of course, there are four items which means there are choices, but as far as menus go four items is rather conservative making it a tad simpler to choose. The options are as follows: chicken, lobster, crayfish and fish. Or any combination of the four. Yum, yum, yum and yum. Can’t go wrong here.

Lack of Choice #3

  • There’s one drink option – Rhum Punch. Ok that’s not true. There’s a bar that serves an excellent range of drinks, but the only option that’s “world famous” is the Rhum Punch, and it’s famous because it’s ahh-mazing. So really, no other options are needed here anyway.

scilly cay caribbean - snorkelingLack of Choice #4

  • Activity options are limited – in the best way possible. Let’s see. You’re on a tiny coral island surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. The sun is shining, you’re on vacation and you’re with good company. What is there to do? Socialize your heart out while dining on delectable cuisine and sipping on that world famous punch. OR you can snorkel in perfectly clear water – an activity that’s always refreshing and satisfying. Oh, and sometimes there’s fabulous live music to listen to, but that’s not a choice really since you’ll hear it no matter what.

What better way to while away a day than on Scilly Cay? Ok enough with the rhyming, but if you’re traveling to the Caribbean, or more specifically, Anguilla, then Scilly Cay is a top to-do. Cays in general are great ways to experience the essence of the Caribbean.

We hope you find the simplicity in life, whether on Scilly Cay, or anywhere else on Anguilla. We can also help make everything about your vacation as simple as possible, by allowing us to accommodate you – and guide you through all the island has to offer. Book your stay at Cap Juluca Resort, and you’ll see exactly how simple life can be.



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