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Sandy Island Anguilla is a Remote Vacationer’s Paradise

sandy beach anguilla

As if Anguilla isn’t exclusive and remote enough, there’s one special place where visitors and locals alike can separate from society just a touch more.  Sandy Island Anguilla, is a quintessential tiny spit of sand amidst sparkling blue water where one may while away the day basking in Caribbean bliss.  How exactly does this differ from Anguilla, or the Caribbean in general, you may ask? Well, Sandy Island is a cay, not an island, which means it’s simply a small sandy island settled on the surface of a coral reef.

Not an entire island by any standards, but a tiny slice of paradise ready to embrace visitors with it’s relaxing and welcoming vibes.

A few days into a Caribbean vacation may render you desiring to see just how remote you can be. In and around Anguilla – being remote is a way of life. But be warned; it’s extremely addicting!

Your Sandy Island Anguilla Excursion – Adventure Awaits

sandy island anguilla So what does a typical excursion to the idyllic Sandy Island consist of? All the favorite Anguillian pastimes of course!

You’ll be on a Boat

  • There’s just one way to get to this tiny cay – via boat! Swimming might be possible… but after a few rounds of drinks it’ll be no surprise if you don’t fancy swimming back!
  • Oh, BTW, the boat to Sandy Island is literally called the “Happiness.” Talk about going to your “happy place.”

First Thing’s First – Rum.

  • You safely made it ashore, now you must ensure there is still rum left. Next joke please! There’s always rum left. It’s the Caribbean after all! Where does the rum come from? Random jugs strewn about the sand – ha-ha not quite. There’s a bar on the cay – the only bar – with a seasoned bartender who will mix you up something deee-lish!

Seafood Out of This World

  • For those who aren’t aware – Anguilla is a culinary destination. We’re talking incredible chefs trained around world who choose to live, work and create on Anguilla. Sandy Island is no different – the food, especially the seafood, is ahhh-mazing.

sandy island anguilla Do Nothing or Do Everything — Visitor’s Choice

  • Considering it’s a spit of sand surrounded by gorgeous water and views, the typical activities include: lying on the sand, snorkeling, beach volleyball, swimming or pondering the beauty of the planet.
  • You’re always welcome and invited to bring any games of your own – dominos, cards, etc.  

Sandy Island is a unique slice of paradise. It’s far enough away to inspire visions of Robinson Crusoe, but close enough you won’t feel lost at sea. Some general tips include: make a reservation ahead of time (for your visit), wear a hat and sunscreen, for sure bring a camera of some sort and allow yourself to totally relax!

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The boats leave from Sandy Ground Beach on mainland Anguilla every day from November through July. Typically only 50 people or fewer visit this cay each day, and some days you may even have the whole cay to yourself!

Sandy Island certainly isn’t the only cay. There are many more around Anguilla and plenty more throughout the entire Caribbean, but Sandy Island is a local favorite and for good reason – it’s nothing less than magnificent!

Naturally to get to Sandy Island, one must be visiting Anguilla, so first things first – plan your Anguillian getaway!

Anguilla is luxury around every corner, so you’re guaranteed to have an incredible stay. One resort stands out among the rest as both incredibly lavish, as well as architecturally magnificent – Cap Juluca Resort. Styled with a mixture of Grecian and Moroccan influences, the gorgeous white arches and structures of the resort are a breathtaking sight to behold amongst the pure blue Caribbean sky. Plan your trip and get ready to reach new heights of relaxation while making unforgettable memories. Book your travel in May 2016 and get your 4th night free. Details below. 

The Vacation of Your just around the corner.


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