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Seeking the Most Romantic Vacation Getaway? Welcome to Anguilla

romantic vacation getaway - anguilla

It’s just that romantic.

It’s not hearsay. It’s not too good to be true. The Caribbean is literally as romantic as every book, film and song make it out to be.

In the mood to plan a romantic getaway? We have the perfect Caribbean destination for you.

Away from the paparazzi incredibly private and a completely flat landscape offering perfect trade winds is the idyllic island of Anguilla –the epitome of Caribbean romance.

Yes, the Caribbean is brimming with romance, but not every Caribbean island is as romantic as the others, and Anguilla takes the cake for amorous ambiance.

How to have the most romantic vacation getaway on Anguilla

Cap-Juluca-Tuna-LunchDine Alongside, or Directly on, The Sea

Every single meal can involve breathtaking views of the surrounding sea. Whether you decide to dine at sea or directly on the beach, the romantic tone will be set by the engulfing landscape. For dining next to the sea, seek out Pimm’s. For direct sand interaction seek out Sandy Island.

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Discover the Depths of Your Romance Under the Sea

The Caribbean Sea is incredibly clear and vibrant, and due to the calm weather around Anguilla, the snorkeling is top notch. It’s already romantic to be frolicking about in bathing suits, but add some colorful fish and sea creatures to the mix, and you’ve got quite the romantic and fun experience! There are many wonderful snorkeling spots right offshore, but to really see the good stuff, it’s best to hire a beach ambassador – a local with a boat and knowledge of the best spots.

romantic vacation getawayFrolic Along Anyone of the 33 Alabaster-White Sandy Beaches

There’s nice sand and then there’s magnificent sand. Anguilla’s sand is beyond pristine and will help make your envy-inducing photos that much more profound. Lie under the swaying palm trees all day, go for a romantic walk or swim around in the calm warm waters. Anguilla is perfect for relaxation, and because it’s so remote, you’ll have plenty of space all to yourself.

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Feel Marooned on a Romantic Island

If you think Anguilla is remote, wait until you spend a day at Sandy IslandA cay just a few miles off the coast of Anguilla, Sandy Island is best described as a spit of land in the middle of the sea. It’s absolute paradise and very romantic. You and your sweetheart will hop aboard the “Happiness” for the short ride there, choose one of four delicious entrees made fresh every day, sip on incredible rum libations and ponder the magnificence of life and love. Well, it isn’t for us to say what you’ll talk about, but with the spectacular surroundings and peacefully marooned ambiance, you may not need to say much at all.

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romantic vacation getaway - anguilla at night
Source: Anguilla Beaches

Bare Your Hearts to One Another Under the Star-Filled Caribbean Night Sky

Anguilla has beautiful, calm weather, which results in clear night skies. It’s lovely to go for a romantic beach stroll during the day, and it’s even more romantic to do so at night under the star streaked sky. Most likely you won’t have to go far. If you’re staying at a beachfront resort with its own beach, such as Cap Juluca’s mile-long Maundays Bay, all you’ll have to do is step right out of your front door. You can even request cocktails for your midnight stroll.

Embody the Island Spirit at Bankie Banx Dune Preserve

The extraordinary reggae star who was arrested and then forced to live on paradise for 11 years, aka Anguilla, has constructed his very own venue built from shipwrecks and driftwood. Spending an evening at the Dune Preserve listening to Bankie Banx and his band is truly a night to remember. The laid-back, no worries vibe will sing-song it’s way into your very soul.

romantic vacation getaway - pimmsDine Your Way Further Into Each Other’s Hearts

One truly unique aspect of island life on Anguilla is the cuisine. For such a small island, it’s truly amazing how many five-star and beyond restaurants there are. As it turns out, chefs travel from all over the globe to have a chance to cook and live in paradise. Of course fresh seafood dishes are one of the most popular menu items, and always delicious, but there is quite the variety on the island, and we recommend trying it all! For classic dining and fabulous views, reserve your spot at Pimms. For quirky and fun eats, try Straw Hat. For a more upbeat, lively atmosphere, dine at Veya.

In Between Relaxing Beach Jaunts, Try Out a Romantic Excursion or Two

Though most visitor’s time is spent relaxing on any one of the 33 beaches, there are quite a few utterly romantic activities to try out. We suggest:

  • Romantic Beach Ride – Picture yourself atop a beautiful horse next to your loved one, strolling along a picturesque beach. For more information visit here.
  • A Day at the Spa – Become completely relaxed and rejuvenated together during a couples massage. Try out an herbal aromatherapy wrap, a body polish, or relax your muscles in a beautiful tub.

Anguilla is a lovers’ paradise. Sand, land, sea, sky – it’s all unbelievably beautiful, inspiring romance around each turn. Just being on Anguilla feels romantic. Other than the two months the island is more or less closed to visitors – September and October – any time of the year is good for romance.

Anguilla is the perfect destination to pop the question, get married or celebrate a honeymoon. In fact, all three of those events happen quite regularly here, and the island is well-equipped to enhance the experience for you and your sweetheart. Take a look at our getaway packages here. Happy travels!


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