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These Private Vacation Destinations Await Those Private Flyers

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One of the truest luxuries and pleasures in life is flying privately. Setting one’s own schedule, traveling with friends and family, and not dealing the politics of airlines is a delight that only few enjoy. Besides that, one of the greatest advantages of flying privately is being able to access the most remote, private vacation destinations easily.

Some of the most exotic destinations on the Earth require multiple flight changes, hours in customs, and generally take 3-4 times as long commercially.

If you’re one of the privileged individuals with the ability to fly privately, the questions remains, where to fly to? If your heart is set on the Caribbean, you have several exquisite choices at your disposal.

With islands ranging in size, culture, and accessibility, there’s an island suitable for all tastes and preferences. Pack those Louis Vuitton bags and get ready for your Caribbean getaway.  

Private Vacation Destinations You Can’t Miss

St. Barths

private vacation destinations - st. barths
Source: Wikimedia

Let’s begin with the celebrity laden island of St. Barths. Arguably the most famous of the three, St. Barth’s offers a slice of French culture within the Caribbean setting, and is considered by many to be the THE place to party.

Keep in mind, though, the landing runway is a mere 2170 feet long, and the approach from either direction is often plagued with varying degrees of turbulence. As a result, the French aviation authorities require a special permit be issued to any pilot intending on landing in St. Barths.

Not to worry, you can always fly into neighboring St. Maarten and then catch a boat or charter a turboprop over to St. Barth’s.

Though it may be less accessible than other neighboring islands, St. Barth’s is still hopping with action and excitement due to its party reputation.

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St. Maarten

private vacation destinations - st martins
Source: Wikimedia

With it’s enormous Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten can handle just about any size jet. Keep in mind though, that the large airport means this island is much more crowded and bustling. If more of a big city with beautiful natural landscapes surrounding it, is the feel you want then St. Maarten is an excellent choice.

Literally half of this island is French, and the other half Dutch. The French half feels like being in France culturally speaking, so keep that in mind as well.

Famous for its large harbor, St. Maarten is a fantastic option if you intend to board your private yacht. Small yachts, mega yachts, or anything in between can be easily accessed in St. Maarten.

Ideally located within the heart of the Lesser Antilles, St. Maarten is close to a number of other islands, and is now a major Caribbean center for short and long-term cruising.

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private island anguilla
Credit: John Drake

For those seeking the utmost in tranquility and privacy, Anguilla is a dream come true. This tiny island features over 30 pristine beaches, many of which are either almost, or completely, empty.

There is a 5,000 ft. runway on the island, so depending on the size of your private plane, it is possible to land directly on the island. Since Anguilla is a British island, English is spoken, and dollars are accepted. The local people are extremely friendly and hospitable, and you may just be persuaded to stay forever.

Celebrities seeking refuge from the paparazzi venture to Anguilla. Couples, families, singles, etc. looking for some quality R&R seek out Anguilla. Anguilla is the calm oasis amidst its energetic, party-filled neighbors.

All you have left to do is decide which island is going to fulfill your needs. Perhaps you visit all three, and take in the differences for yourself.

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There you have it, three of the most exquisite islands within the lesser Antilles, and what to expect from each. For accommodations of the utmost luxury, seek out Cap Juluca Resort on Anguilla. Unmistakable with its gorgeous white Moorish architecture, and nestled on its own private mile-long beach, few properties compare.

We wish you the happiest of getaways, and safe travels!


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