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Five Poignant Reasons to Opt For a Private Caribbean Villa This Vacation Season

private caribbean villa

Creme brulee, or chocolate lava cake? However does one choose? Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to either choice, but at the end of the day it simply comes down to personal taste and need.

The same process applies to the pleasant dilemma of choosing between a luxury hotel room or a private Caribbean villa for your next vacation.

When it’s all said and done, vacationing in paradise is a remarkably delightful experience regardless of whether you stay in a luxurious hotel room or luxurious villa.

But, it’s always best to go into a choice with an informed mind.

Why You Should Choose a Private Caribbean Villa

private caribbean villaIncreased Privacy

Many of us crave that extra space and privacy while on vacation, and a villa ensures you have it. There won’t be other hotel guests to disturb you. You won’t have to share a pool with other couples or families. In general you can do exactly as you please when you please!

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More Together Time

This is an uncommonly considered benefit, yet it’s a strong one. If you’re vacationing with enough people to need more than one hotel room, a villa is a great advantage. Guests often don’t realize how separate hotel rooms create increased “separate time.” This isn’t to say everyone needs to be together all the time. Of course we all enjoy our alone time. A villa has shared common areas that can enhance family bonding. The group can cook together or play games together in the living room on the patio or by the pool. Simply seeing each other’s faces more often and with more ease is a nice touch as opposed to everyone being separated by hallways and elevators. Oh, and let’s not forget villas have more space, which is wonderful for families or larger groups.


private caribbean villa bedroomMore or Less Amenities – You Decide

Many folks believe villas come without the amenities hotels rooms do – namely housekeeping. At many luxury villas, such as the villas at Cap Juluca Resort, you get the best of both worlds. If you want complete serenity without seeing any housekeepers, then you may opt for that. If you do want housekeeping, then you may have it. It’s entirely up to you. You can even request more frequent housekeeping if that’s what you desire. Room service is also a wonderful way to leave the cooking to someone else and dine when and where you want.

Ability to Nest

Vacations are fabulous, and for some the ability to make any location feel a bit like home is preferable. Villas represent a home more than a hotel room does. You’ll have the same types of rooms – kitchen, living, bed, bath, etc., which means you can still practice any normal routines you have at home, if desired. Children often enjoy villas because they are more similar to their normal environment. This isn’t to say the villa will take away the tranquility of being on vacation. Absolutely not. It will only enhance it by enabling everyone to maintain their comfort zones.

Cap Juluca Maurice-30Location, Location, Location

It’s no secret – villas typically are settled on the most pristine spreads of land with incredible, breathtaking views. Many villas are nestled directly on the beach, perched on hillsides with spectacular views or steps away from beautiful landscapes. At Cap Juluca, the villas are directly on the beach offering private stretches of beach for guests.

Hopefully the above points aid you on your accommodation quest. Not all villas are created equally, though, so be sure to inquire about specifics at any villa you’re interested in. Here at Cap Juluca our villas offer the best of both worlds – a private home with all of the hotel services.

If you’re interested in booking your stay at one of our villas, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! We wish you good luck in your planning, and a happy vacation!

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