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Sandy Island Anguilla is a Remote Vacationer’s Paradise

As if Anguilla isn’t exclusive and remote enough, there’s one special place where visitors and locals alike can separate from society just a touch more.  Sandy Island Anguilla, is a quintessential tiny spit of sand amidst sparkling blue water where one may while away the day basking in Caribbean bliss.  How exactly does this differ from Anguilla, or the Caribbean in general, you may ask? Well, Sandy Island is a cay, not an island, which means it’s simply a small sandy island settled on the surface of a coral reef.

Not an entire island by any standards, but a tiny slice of paradise ready to embrace visitors with it’s relaxing and welcoming vibes.

A few days into a Caribbean vacation may render you desiring to see just how remote you can be. In and around Anguilla – being remote is a way of life. But be warned; it’s extremely addicting!

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Why is Caribbean Water SO Blue? We Dove Deep to Find Out

Water so blue, it ignites a flame of passion.  Or rather, shall we say, water with so many extraordinary shades of blue. Those who have gazed upon it already understand, and those who have yet to – trust,  as soon as you set eyes upon it you’ll understand too. Which beautifully blue sea are we talking about? None other than the fabled Caribbean Sea.

Songs have been sung, books written, movies made – and millions of photos taken of the liquid luxury that is the Caribbean waters. But, how many people actually know why. Why is the water so unbelievably exquisite?

Many of us live alongside coasts – west coast, east coast, south coast, gulf coast – and that’s just the continental U.S. – and have access to beaches. Yet, none of those coasts offers ocean water as incredible as the Caribbean. Why not? Why aren’t all ocean areas as magnificent as the Caribbean?

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These Private Vacation Destinations Await Those Private Flyers

One of the truest luxuries and pleasures in life is flying privately. Setting one’s own schedule, traveling with friends and family, and not dealing the politics of airlines is a delight that only few enjoy. Besides that, one of the greatest advantages of flying privately is being able to access the most remote, private vacation destinations easily.

Some of the most exotic destinations on the Earth require multiple flight changes, hours in customs, and generally take 3-4 times as long commercially.

If you’re one of the privileged individuals with the ability to fly privately, the questions remains, where to fly to? If your heart is set on the Caribbean, you have several exquisite choices at your disposal.

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In the Caribbean Everyone Knows a Little Something About Sailing: Regattas 101

Sailing and the Caribbean go together like cheese and fine wine. Hundreds of beautiful islands surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters makes for a fine setting to cruise around on a sailboat.

Sailing in the Caribbean originated from a place of need, but has since evolved into an enjoyable leisure activity that has become the most celebrated sport throughout much of the region. On Anguilla in particular, sailing is the national sport, and sailing events arouse as much excitement and anticipation as the Super Bowl!

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Sailing in Anguilla – The Undisputed Fever for Boat Racing

Forget football, baseball, or basketball, the national sport of this exclusive and idyllic island is much more glamorous and adventurous.  Sun, wind, sea, and sails. That’s right sailing is the national sport of the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

All 35 square miles of Anguilla is completely surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. It’s no wonder the national sport became sailing, with little land mass and plenty of sea, seems like the obvious choice!

Except, sailing became the national sport for a less-than-obvious reason, a reason that is both fascinating, and exciting to hear.

It all started with sugar….

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Tired of Mainstream Music Festivals? Retreat to Moonsplash for a Reggae Festival That’s Anything But

Imagine this – a tiny exclusive Caribbean island is a regular destination for A-list celebrities, 3 days of reggae filled bliss under the full moon and only a few hundred other souls who are equally committed to the music. Except, you don’t have to just imagine this spectacular scene, you can live it at this year’s Moonsplash Festival on the island of Anguilla, British West Indies.

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These Caribbean Music Festivals Will Blow Coachella Out of the Water

Let’s see, exchange greasy food-truck food for freshly caught lobster tail and crayfish. Swap out sweltering heat in the desert, for beautiful cool ocean breezes and sparkling turquoise waters. Lastly, let’s remove long long lines, crowded grounds, and squished camping for an intimate setting, zero lines, quite a few yachts and an overall feeling of  luxury. This is the difference between music festivals like Coachella, and music festivals in the Caribbean.

Just like everything else in the Caribbean, music festivals are ultra laid-back and insanely fun. Unbeknownst to many outside the region, nearly every island in the region has at least one wildly fun music festival a year. It’s safe to say that anytime you visit the Caribbean, there will be some “festing” going on nearby. Although the Caribbean is super laid-back and friendly, many of the festivals are small and intimate, with 500 or fewer tickets sold to an event. To ensure you get to bask in the sweet sounds and laid-back atmosphere, purchase your tickets well in advance. Wondering which music festival is the one for you?

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The Best Spring Break Location Offers Peace, Calm and Serenity – Discover Anguilla

Now that we’re in the doldrums of winter, it’s time to eye the prize that is Spring Break 2016. Thankfully we happen to all reside on a planet that is filled with breathtakingly beautiful places spread out across the globe. So as you move through one blustery cold winter day after the next, how exactly will you decide which region will be your nesting place this Spring? It can be truly difficult to decide, but to ease your struggle we suggest one of the most diverse, exotic, and idyllic regions planet Earth has to offer – the Caribbean.

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A Castle Fit For Cinderella Herself – Sandcastle Building Techniques to Try

Enormous, towering, and stunningly beautiful… sandcastles. Picture this: you’re walking along the beach and there it is, the most detailed and artistic sculpture you’ve ever seen, and it’s simply made of sand!

A red bucket, a small blue shovel, and as much sand as the heart desires – those used to be the only tools needed to construct a sandcastle, well an amateur sandcastle anyway. There isn’t anything wrong with amateur sandcastles, in fact the vast majority of sandcastles are amatuer in nature. It’s just that, if you haven’t heard, there are literally folks who are so professional at building sandcastles (and other structures) they make a living doing so

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Everything You Didn’t Know About the Lucrative Profession of Sandcastle Building

Take a moment to imagine the most unconventional profession possible. Not a hobby, craft, or interest, but an actual profession, something someone makes a living doing. Though the grand majority of us make a living doing something conventional, how many would wager that being a professional sandcastle builder can be, and actually is, a profession? Write that down in the book of coolest jobs to have.