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Tired of Mainstream Music Festivals? Retreat to Moonsplash for a Reggae Festival That’s Anything But

moonsplash reggae festival

Imagine this – a tiny exclusive Caribbean island is a regular destination for A-list celebrities, 3 days of reggae filled bliss under the full moon and only a few hundred other souls who are equally committed to the music. Except, you don’t have to just imagine this spectacular scene, you can live it at this year’s Moonsplash Festival on the island of Anguilla, British West Indies.

It’s safe to say that music festivals have been reaching all time high in popularity. In theory it’s wonderful that the masses are flocking to music festivals, but in reality it means that music festivals are A. crowded, and B. too mainstream to truly be about the artistry.

Coachella, for example, used to be a safe-haven for music aficionados and artists, but it’s since turned into a pop-run, teeny-bopper amusement park. Though it still does the trick for some, Coachella and Co. simply doesn’t cut it these days for the rest of us.

Time for the Moonsplash Reggae Festival

It’s time to cut your ties to the saturated mainstream festival world, and escape to paradise where it’ll just be you, some sand, and a whole lotta Reggae tunes under the full moon.

A music haven it may be, but new it certainly is not – Moonsplash Reggae Festival is the oldest independent music festival in the Caribbean. For three straight days, dance under the stars from dusk ‘til dawn at one of the world’s best beach bars – the Dune Preserve.

Bankie Banx - moonsplash reggae festivalLiterally created by the iconic Bankie Banx himself, in an effort to save his nearly stolen music career, the Dune Preserve is the real deal. Up close you’ll see the shipwrecked boats, driftwood, coconut trees, and other materials that make up this ultra-chill spot. A beach bar all year round, but during Moonsplash it transforms into an ode to the integrity of Reggae.

As if you thought it couldn’t get any better, let’s throw a few more reasons why Moonsplash is the creme de la creme of music festivals.

The Food is Actually Delicious

No food trucks, no nasty poutine, it’s freshly caught seafood, or a myriad of amazing cuisine.

Only 500 People Allowed. Period.

Cap JulucaAnguilla in general is never crowded. Never. Anguilla is not filled with loud spring breakers, enormous family reunions, or retirement trips. Not that there’s anything wrong with those groups, they’re great! Anguilla, though, is an island filled with villas, unimaginable luxury, celebrities who wish not to be found, and a melting pot of locals. So, yeah, Moonsplash sells about 500 tickets, and that’s just it. No radio giveaways, no festival crashers, if you want to go buy a ticket before they sell out.

The 26th annual Moonsplash festival will take place this year from April 21 – 24, but no other details have been released yet. Tickets aren’t even on sale yet. It’s a Reggae festival… so chill is an understatement.

To stay in the know regarding the festival, keep watch on Bankie’s site, or keep in touch with your resort of choice. Cap Juluca Resort has been home to Moonsplash Festival go-ers for the past 25 years, and will be sure to keep you in the know.

Just to give you a little taste – the lineup last year featured Freddie McGregor, Cat Coore of Third World, Jah Cure, Omari Banx, Mighty Mystic, and obviously Bankie Banx.

Waste no more time, start planning your Caribbean/Reggae escape to Anguilla before word gets out. 

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