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Let’s Get Serious About Romance – Guys Guide to Planning a Romantic Caribbean Island Getaway

a guys guide to planning a romantic caribbean island getaway

Imagine planning the most romantic getaway possible and surprising the special lady in your life. Amorous creativity and surprises don’t have to be limited to romantic movies and fairy tales. You can be the hero of her story. You can be her knight in shining armor. Even if she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself, it’s still a romantic notion.

Actions speak louder than words, and few actions speak to romance the way a luxurious Caribbean getaway does.

Exciting, secluded, large, small, flat, mountainous, British, French, Dutch… the list of descriptors of different Caribbean islands goes on and on.

Only one descriptor really matters for your purposes, though – romantic.

Guys, for the ultimate romantic Caribbean getaway, there’s no better choice than the small, secluded and serene island of Anguilla.

Your Guide to Planning a Caribbean Island Getaway

Located in the Northeast section of the Caribbean, the British overseas territory of Anguilla is located in the more northerly Leeward Islands and is part of the Lesser Antilles.

Being quite small, with almost constant trade winds and having no cruise ships visiting, Anguilla remains extraordinarily secluded and calm.

Ok, now let’s get down to business. You want to plan a romantic getaway, and we’ve got the ideal itinerary for you.

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The Adventure and Anticipation Begins With the Journey to Anguilla

a guys guide to planning a romantic caribbean island getaway - beachAs briefly mentioned, Anguilla isn’t a large Caribbean island with direct access. Typically one does not fly directly to Anguilla. Unless you fly privately (and even then not all private planes are the right size to land on Anguilla), you’ll be embarking on a plane, another plane, and then an exciting boat ride with your first rum drink in hand. The anticipation and excitement will build with each leg of your journey!

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Immediate Feel of Privacy

It’s difficult to feel the romance when you’re on a beach squished between hundreds to thousands of other tourists! Anguilla is the height of privacy, which is exactly why extremely high profile celebrities seek vacation refuge on it. There are zero high rise hotels or all-inclusives.

Instead there are miles upon miles of beaches. Beaches where you’ll, maybe, run into a handful of other people. Most hotels have small capacities and private beaches. You can relax on the beach in front of your private villa or suite and not have to worry about trekking miles back if you forgot sunscreen or a hat. The beach can literally be right outside your door. Cap Juluca Resort, for example, is situated on a mile-long private beach, with every single room, suite and villa beachfront. More romantic accommodations would be difficult to find. You’ll be waking up to an ocean view every day!

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Dine Your Way Into Her Heart

a guys guide to planning a romantic caribbean island getaway - foodWe know food is often the way to a man’s heart, but it can also be the way to a lady’s. Be sure to make reservations at one or more of Anguilla’s world-famous dining establishments (link to cuisine blog). Because Anguilla is small and flat it offers a variety of dining options with excellent views. You can literally dine on a tiny spit of land in the sea that requires riding a boat dubbed “Happiness” to get there. You can dine surrounded by the utmost luxury, while gazing onto the pristine white sand and sparkling turquoise water. You can arrange for a candlelit dinner for two directly on the beach.

Plan an Evening to Dance to Authentic Reggae Music

Let your sense of adventure and excitement run high as you venture to Bankie Banx’ very own hand-built Dune Preserve. The Reggae legend was “Stuck in Paradise” for 11 years due to an issue with the law. During his Anguillian exile, Banx decided to build his own beach bar using various treasures from the sea. Today the sprawling funky beach bar is known as the Dune Preserve, and it’s where the iconic Moonsplash reggae festival is held each year. It’s open almost year round, and you and your lady can hang out, chill out, taste some terrific food and sip delicious drinks, all the while listening to incredible reggae tunes.

Plan Plenty of Sweet Surprises

There are never-ending opportunities to lace everyday on the island with romance-inducing surprises for her. Have flowers delivered to the room upon arrival. Have champagne brought to the room on any given night. Arrange a mesmerizing horseback ride on the beach. Anguillians are dedicated to helping you achieve the most romantic getaway possible. Everything you desire can be pre-arranged before you even arrive on the island.

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Discover Each Other Under the Sea

a guys guide to planning a romantic caribbean island getaway - scuba divingWith perfectly tepid temperatures and crystal clear visibility, snorkeling in the seas of Anguilla is magnificent. There’s something magically romantic about peeking into the underwater world with your other half. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof case for the GoPro – underwater pictures and videos make snorkeling that much more exciting.

An afternoon of sailing is another incredible way to interact with the landscape and enjoy one another’s company. Charter a sailboat, have a lunch prepared and sail off into the sunset with your sweetheart.

Have Breakfast in Bed, or Better Yet, On Your Private Terrace

On Anguilla, never settle for any accommodations without an ocean view. Splurge on a suite and enjoy the utmost luxury throughout your stay. You can enjoy breakfasts on your private oceanfront terrace every single morning. Sip on sunset cocktails on that same private terrace every evening. Snack on chocolate covered strawberries as you reminisce on the adventures of the day. This is your private getaway and you can make the absolute most of it.

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Create a getaway for her that’s better than any fairytale, because it’s real. Whatever the occasion may be – anniversary, proposal, honeymoon or just because, it will be an experience neither of you will ever forget. In the busy society we live in, few gifts resonate as deeply as the gift of quality time. Cast aside your everyday schedule and stresses and let the island magic work its way into your hearts.

Treat your lady like the princess she is. Show her through your actions just how much she means to you. We offered a few suggestions, but trust us, there’s an infinite number of ways to add extra romance to your trip. For all your planning needs, contact the team at Cap Juluca Resort who will gladly arrange anything you need. We hope you find our Anguilla romance guide helpful, and we hope to see you and your sweetheart here on the island very soon!

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