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Spend Your Last Summer Days Soaking Up Your Romance on Anguilla Island

romance in anguilla

It’s no secret, summer is the prime time for new romances to spark up, or for older romance’s to be taken to a new, more committed level.  Perhaps it’s the warm weather, smaller amounts of clothing, late sunsets, cozy evenings and the care-free ambiance that penetrates the air.

What better time to plan that last minute getaway to a faraway land.  Imagine, whisking away your sweetheart for a magical adventure designed just for two. Maybe this adventure is your last hurrah – a blissful end to a sweet romance that was never meant to outlast the summer season.   Or, could it be that this is the gateway to assert your future intentions, to let your lover know you want to spend forever together?

Either way, we have the perfect destination in mind for you, and we know all the secrets on how to enjoy it fully.  Anguilla – a small Caribbean island that will surpass any images of paradise in your imagination.

Truly this tiny slice of paradise is a natural marvel. Off-the-beaten Caribbean path, Anguilla flies under the mass tourism radar and remains a pristine white-sandy getaway chock full of romantic sights, sounds and experiences.

End of Summer Romance in Anguilla

Here are our favorite suggestions for those final summer romance moments…OR the end of the beginning and the beginning of forever for you and your sweetheart.

Whisper Sweet Nothings in The Summer Sea

romance in anguilla - swimmingWade in the calm, crystal clear Anguillan waters. A cozy 82 degrees sets the perfect stage for a romantic swim. What many people don’t realize is though Anguilla is small, it offers 33 incredible beaches. Beaches that have the whitest sand in the entire Caribbean. Because Anguilla is more of a Caribbean secret, on any given day you can find a completely secluded beach. Plenty of space for the two of you to swim, dance, stroll and whisper sweet nothings as you bathe in the tepid sea.

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What Happens on the Marooned Island Stays There

Anguilla is small and remote, but you can get to even smaller spits of sand where you feel a lifetime removed from reality. Retreat to Sandy Island, a small cay where you can purposefully maroon yourselves for an afternoon. Just a quick boat ride off the shore of Anguilla, a trip to Sandy Island feels like a secret adventure. When you arrive life becomes simple – there’s sand, sea, drinks, cuisine and each other. Sunbathe, splash around, sip on rum punch and confess the secrets of the heart. Perhaps the gentle, removed environment will be the perfect place to whisper those sweet goodbyes and reminisce on your dreamy summer fling.

Or, perhaps it’s the ideal setting to solidify your forever together. The time to get down on one knee and ask for a lifetime of happiness and adventures.

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Indulge in Libations Like There’s No Tomorrow

romance in anguilla - diningStimulate the senses with delicious Anguillan cuisine. If there’s one thing Anguilla is famous for in the Caribbean, it’s the food. Five-star chefs from around the world travel to Anguilla to live and cook. Island-raised locals pride themselves on tasty-fare that doesn’t compare to anywhere else.

Spend the last days of summer together savoring the fresh flavors of fine dining. End the summer with memories of perfectly prepared seafood, fine wines, and envy-inducing rums.

Let the spices of Morocco simmer on your tongues at Spice Lounge. Discover new flavors and dishes at trendy Veya, where wooden decks and garden fountains create a treehouse vibe. Head to the local’s spot – Sarjai’s for some delicious creole snapper’s and sweet potato dumplings.

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Dance Under the Moon For a Final Hurrah

The iconic reggae star Bankie Banx was at one point forced to live out his days on Anguilla due to a brush with the law. As it turns out, Anguilla is the perfect prison, and Banx spent his days building a totally rad beach bar and concert spot. Now the home of one of the Caribbean’s most epic music festivals – Moon Splash – the Dune Preserve is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Spend one of your last island evenings dancing under the moon and holding each other close as you sway to the tunes of Banx himself.

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Momentarily Shut Out the World Outside of Each Other

romance in anguilla - dancingYou can swim, stroll, dine and dance all day but we’re guessing there’s a good chance much of the time will be spent in your luxury room, suite or villa. Quality time basking in the joy of one another’s company is what Anguilla truly offers. Privacy, a place to tune out the world and focus only on your romance.

There’s no shortage of luxury accommodations on the island, luxury is the only option on Anguilla. Picture yourselves lounging on your beachside patio, tradewinds gently breezing past. Sunsets setting across the turquoise waters steps from your room.

Without a doubt we recommend the original Anguilla luxury – Cap Juluca Resort. Iconic with it’s Greco-Moorish design, brilliantly white against a bright blue sky. Set on it’s own private mile-long beach – Maundays Bay. Though the hospitable team is happy to arrange any activities and sightseeing for you, anything you desire is already right there at the resort.

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Sip on sunset cocktails, sip tea on the veranda at tea time, have a private couples yoga class on the beach outside your room. Spend a day at the spa getting pampered together.

This is your end of summer getaway, and you can have everything your way. Celebrate your engagement with champagne every evening. Hold each other close as you promise to never forget the summer love that now coming to a close.

Whether you’re starting the next chapter or ending the book, let Anguilla be the destination and Cap Juluca the resort.

If you are indeed planning to spend forever together, nothing is more romantic than tying the knot on the very island that initiated the blissful journey. We’ve got the perfect guide to help you get started on the wedding planning journey, right here.

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