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Dreaming of the Gift of Serenity? Plan Your Luxury Caribbean Getaway

Cap Juluca

What’s it called when temperatures are cozy, the sea is warm, the scenery is stunning, and the people are welcoming? Anguilla. Set in the idyllic British West Indies, Anguilla is arguably one of the closest Earthly places to what we might refer to as “Shangri-la, heaven, or paradise.” With temperatures rarely rising above 90 or dipping below 80 degrees, every Anguillian day embraces its residents and visitors alike with open arms.

Between weather, cultural activities and tourism, each month on the island brings something a little different. Each Anguillian month is splendid, and they all offer something a little different. Certain months have more rainfall, larger waves, or warmer temperatures, but when it’s all said and done, you can visit Anguilla any month of the year and have an absolutely lovely experience.

December Weather is Ideal

Cap Juluca Maurice-30As December sets in, the weather becomes nothing short of ideal. Though the beginning of December on Anguilla is uncrowded and calm, the last two weeks of December are the busiest the island ever becomes. Every hotel is booked, every reservation has already been reserved, and every beach claimed.

Thankfully, the weather continues to produce perfection day after day throughout January and February, months that are less busy than the end of December. High season is from the end of December through the end of March, but there are pockets of time within those months that are less crowded than others.

Distractions Can Be Divine

While everyone else is distracted with holiday preparations and shopping, it’s your chance to begin planning your luxury getaway to the slice of paradise that is Anguilla. Before your neighbors holiday party, after a round of shopping for the kids, or simply whenever you have free time – reserve your stay before the word gets out.

Because everyone is distracted with the holiday season, right now is the best time to book for multiple reasons. As stated earlier, other potential vacationers are too busy to consider planning a vacation for January and February, but also, the prices for the incredible resorts, villas, flights and more, are much less than they will be come January 1st 2016. No one can put a price on paradise, but everyone enjoys getting a great deal.

Cap Juluca Maurice-42The early bird gets the worm, but how does an idyllic Caribbean island sound, instead of a worm? You deserve a getaway to a luxury Caribbean resort. Give yourself the gift of serenity and peace. Slip away from the tasks of everyday life, and forget any troubles as the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of Anguilla elevate your soul.

Further enhancing the mind, body, and soul connection, the iconic Cap Juluca resort – one of the most renowned Caribbean beach resorts – is pampering its guests on a whole new level. Wake up to the soft island light, and fresh sea breeze, saunter across the patio of your beachfront room to gaze upon the sparkling water. Take a morning beach stroll and then indulge in a delectable breakfast. This can be your morning routine every day on Anguilla, more days that you ever imagined with the More Maundays package, which offers a complimentary fifth night. Pristine beaches, impeccable weather, and luxury villa – pack your bags, Anguilla is ready for you.

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