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Soft and flattering sunlight, dazzling sunsets, not needing to invite as many guests, and a chance to experience a new culture – any one or more of these could be your reason for desiring a destination wedding. Destination weddings are magnificent events, and will certainly leave lasting memories for you and your guests. Though destination weddings are desired by many couples, often times many of them don’t actually go through with them.

Planning any wedding involves time, effort, and money, and for some folks, planning a wedding in a foreign country seems overwhelmingly complicated. Disclaimer – it actually isn’t overwhelming or even complicated if you follow a few best practices, which we’ll delve into shortly. Many couples begin to get cold feet as they consider the issue of the legality of a marriage in a foreign country, transportation to the destination, try to figure out the best season for the destination, determine if they’re allowed to use outside vendors, etc. etc. Those are all perfectly reasonable concerns to have, and if it’s your dream to be married on a beach on an exotic island – don’t let worry over logistics prevent you from seeing your dream come true!

Here are the Secrets to a Destination Wedding…

Guess what? You may not have all the answers, but there is certainly someone who does. It’s extremely likely that whichever destination you have your heart set on, there’s at least one, but more likely many, seasoned and highly knowledgeable wedding planners. The secret to a successful destination wedding isn’t choosing the location – it’s choosing the planner. Consider this – no matter what landscape or culture you’re interested in, there will be options. If you want a beach wedding, well, there are more than a few beaches to choose from, even on a single island. Narrow down the type of destination you want, and then get to work shopping for your future wedding planner!

destination wedding - wedding planner“Yes, the destination is going to be new and exotic for the bride, groom, and the guests… but it will not be new, or even exotic, to the wedding planner, and that is exactly what you want,” explains Verna Rogers…. wedding planner at the luxurious Cap Juluca resort on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. “I’ve worked with couples from all over the world, and trust me – every single question, worry, or roadblock you may have will be assuaged and easily dealt with if you’ve hired an experienced planner. Especially if your destination is a small island like Anguilla, you can bet that your planner will know every single vendor, and have excellent relations with all of them, ensuring you get the best price and quality.”

Just to get couples thinking on the right track, Verna has given a few “quick tips” on things to consider, and creative ideas to get you brainstorming for the big day.

  • yogaGive Guests Extra Notice – people need to time to collect vacation days, save money, figure out if the kids can come or not, etc. If you actually do want folks to attend, give them plenty of breathing room from when you send the invite, until the big day.
  • Plan Events For the Entire Weekend – destination weddings are more intimate settings, which is one reason why they’re so popular. Take advantage of the intimate setting by organizing group outings on the days leading up to the wedding. Hire a yoga instructor for a private beach yoga class, organize a sightseeing tour, host a party the evening before the wedding. Help create the ultimate destination weekend for your guests who’ve come so far to support you.
  • Leave a Welcome Token – your friends and family have just arrived in a foreign place, help make them feel welcome by placing a sweet token and/or handwritten note in their rooms, or at the front desk. It can be a useful item such as sunscreen, or a fun item such as a beach sarong or silly floating device.

So there you have it – the secret to the most successful and stress-free destination wedding, as well as some tips to get your creative juices flowing! Weddings are joyful events to be sure, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t worries and concerns involved. Let the expert take great care of you and deal with the logistics, so you can spend more time fantasizing about your honeymoon, picking out bridesmaid gifts, trying on wedding dresses, and every other exciting part of the journey to the special day!

Cap Juluca Resort offers the most private and intimate wedding setting in the Caribbean and has been noted one of the most romantic places in the world. Combine that with their wedding expertise and you will be in wedded bliss!

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