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Drawn to the Sparkling Caribbean Seas? Few Places are Finer to Fish Than the Idyllic Island of Anguilla

deep sea fishing anguilla

Perfect glassy waters in magnificent shades of blue and turquoise. Sand that is so white, it simply doesn’t appear real. Weather so phenomenal one has to invent an excuse not to spend everyday out of doors.

Without a doubt, the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean British West Indies is a small slice of paradise. Many activities are enhanced when done on Anguilla, but few are as spectacular as fishing. Imagine, you’re sitting on those pristine beaches gazing out across penetratingly bright blue water and you crave to be a part of it. Looking out at the beauty isn’t enough, you want to be in the water. Feel the sun and the light breeze. Smell the sea. And taste? Yes, taste is involved – you can taste the sea…food!

Engage all five senses with Anguilla’s natural wonders through fishing!

Perfect Excursions for Deep Sea Fishing Anguilla

There are all sorts of ways to enjoy fishing on Anguilla, whether you’re a skilled fisherman, just looking for a day of fun or really want to participate in the Catch-of-the-day program at Cap Juluca, there’s the perfect fishing excursion for you.

Plan your Deep Sea Fishing Getaway

Junior’s Glass Bottom Boat

deep sea fishing anguillaCertainly one of the most unique fishing excursions offered on the island, Junior’s Glass Bottom Boat fishing tours are delightful. Get a glimpse of life under the sea through the glass bottom on the boat, as you sail around. Located in Shoal Bay East, there are a variety of fishing tours and regular boating tours available nearly every day of the week. This tour is better for beginners and those just looking for more easy recreational fun. It is not uncommon to see sea turtles! Family fishing at its best.  

Nature Boy Charters

This is for more serious deep sea fishing fun! Opt for full or half day fishing trip, with the hope of catching Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, or Marlin. Captain Nature Boy is an Anguillian native and knows the waters and movements of the fish thoroughly well. He’s become one of the most successful fisherman on the island, and will take excellent care of you and your group. Every boat trip is well-provisioned with the goodies of your choice, as long as you let him know in advance.

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Shoal Bay Scuba Fishing

deep sea fishing anguilla - fishing divingSpend the day deep sea fishing on a 28ft fiberglass Panga, specially designed for off-shore fishing. This vessel can carry up to six passengers, making for a very exciting day out to sea! Though nothing is promised, the types of fish often caught are: Kingfish, tuna, horse eyed jack, barracuda, spanish mackerel, cavalli and on occasion swordfish and marlin.

For a more family friendly fishing experience try out bottom fishing. Best for groups that have children younger than 12. Starting later in the day and using hand lines, this fishing is conducted in calmer water and the fish are perfect for eating – lunch, dinner, etc.

Go Exactly Where You Want, With Ease

One of the most fun aspects of staying on calm and serene Anguilla is the opportunity to spend a half or full day at a neighboring island! The best, and really only way to get to and fro is via boat! FUNTIME Charter Boats and Sea Shuttle Services is the go-to source for your island hopping fun.

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Catch-of-the-Day Program

deep sea fishing anguilla - catch of the dayThis is where you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors with the help of a world-renowned chef. Fishing enthusiasts can arrange to bring their prize local catch-of-the-day Anguillian fish from their early morning island fishing trip back to Chef Bochenski’s kitchen at Cap Juluca Resort. The chef will prepare the foraged catch for their dinner at Pimm’s, pairing it with a locally inspired accompaniment.

After a long and satisfying day of fishing, few things are more pleasurable than biting into a perfectly prepared freshly caught fish – caught by you. If you plan on fishing during your stay on Anguilla you won’t regret participating in the Catch-of-the-Day program.

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For double enjoyment and the utmost in luxury retreat to your private beachfront suite inside one of the 18 freestanding Moorish-style villas of Cap Juluca Resort. In between fishing excursions play a relaxing game of croquet, go for a leisurely snorkel, take a replenishing yoga class or play a stimulating round of golf. Utter and complete privacy await you, with everything from breakfast to spa treatments provided on your own private terrace.

For any assistance planning your fishing excursions and Anguilla getaway, don’t hesitate to contact the hospitable and welcoming team at Cap Juluca Resort.

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