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Create The Engagement Fairytale of Her Dreams on Anguilla

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Congratulations! You’ve found that special someone to spend happily forever after with. Now that you know for sure, you can begin brainstorming the next step… the proposal!

No pressure or anything, but be sure to consider you two will be telling the story of your engagement for the rest of your lives, so make it a great one!

There are few things more enjoyable than listening to a sweet engagement story, and now is your chance to create your very own.

How you popped the question isn’t the only important detail though. There’s also the where to consider.

To help inspire your romantic creativity, we’ll let you in on our secret, perfect and utterly romantic favorite destination for proposals – Anguilla Island in the Caribbean.

Tucked away in the northwest corner of the Caribbean, Anguilla is as peaceful and remote as romantic islands come. It’s truly a heavenly destination and the absolutely ideal place to surprise your sweetheart.

Romantic Places to Propose

Let us paint a picture of what your engagement getaway experience could be…

Arrive Via Ferry or Private Charter

romantic places proposeSimply getting to Anguilla is part of the excitement. Because Anguilla is off the beaten track, visitors typically fly into St. Maarten and then either take a ferry or private charter to Anguilla. Getting from St. Maarten to Anguilla is an incredibly picturesque and enjoyable journey! If you’re on a private charter, expect your vacation to begin immediately as you’re handed a glass of Caribbean rum punch. Kick off your vacation with a romantic “cheers” as you gaze across the water towards your island paradise.

Check Yourselves Into Luxury

Of course you’re going to want to do your research to find the most romantic resort on Anguilla to stay in. Or you could just click right here to find out. Ok, so you’ve arrived on the island and now it’s time to check into your beachfront luxury room or villa. If you’ve done your planning, you’ll have arranged the room to be outfitted romantically – fresh flowers, some sweet treats, but nothing too crazy at first because it’s not the big moment…yet. Simply being at the resort, spending time in the room, relaxing on the beach right out front are all experiences that are intimate and serene.

Caribbean Resort Packages

Decide The When and Where

boat racing in the caribbeanIf you haven’t already noticed, the entire island of Anguilla is romantic. The only challenges will be deciding when and where on the island you’d like to propose. You can’t go wrong with any of the following:

  • During a romantic horseback ride experience
  • On a secluded romantic beach walk with a picnic
  • Take a romantic walk on a secluded beach and have a picnic
  • Surprising your loved one at dinner at any one of Anguilla’s famous restaurants
  • Arranging to have your room decorated with hundreds of flower petals, champagne and such, for the proposal once you return
  • On an even more secluded island – Scilly Cay
  • In the warm waters during a romantic swim

The possibilities are limitless! When every spot looks like a postcard from paradise, no matter how you propose on the island it will be perfect! If you need any assistance arranging the details, contact your resort, and the resort team will be happy to assist.

Plenty of Blissful Ways to Celebrate

The days leading up to the proposal and the proposal itself will be magical, and now you can spend the remainder of your getaway happily engaged and in full celebration mode! Cheers to your future together every day with beachside bar service. Spend a day adventuring on the high seas with a deep sea fishing excursion. See what the other islands have to offer with a day trip to St. Maarten or St. Barths. Feel like castaways at sea as you groove to live music at the epic Dune Preserve. Do everything, or do absolutely nothing; it’s your vacation!

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Lifelong Memories and Future Opportunities

romantic valentine's day in anguillaMore than anything else, setting up an Anguillian getaway for your proposal will make your significant other’s dreams come true. This getaway is to start the next chapter of your life together off on the best proverbial foot possible. Unlike some cliche proposal spots, Anguilla will feel like your secret one, only the two of you share. It can become the secret destination you return to time and again to mark another year or segment of life accomplished together.

This is your chance to create the engagement story of a lifetime. A chance to make the biggest romantic gesture of your life. A chance to bring complete and true happiness into your fiance’s heart.

No matter where you stay on Anguilla, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime. If you’re going for ultimate romance, the clear choice is Cap Juluca. Cap Juluca is the picture of romance with it’s stunning Greco-Moorish architecture and mile-long private beach. But don’t take our word for it. It’s been named one of the most romantic resorts to propose in by Luxury Travel Magazine.

We wish you the best of luck on your engagement endeavor and mazal tov for when your significant other says yes!


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