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Check Into Cap Juluca with Michael McCarthy

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional jetsetter? Each month, we feature travel tips and off-the-record experiences by various jetsetters and journalists who have visited Cap Juluca.

Next up, D.C. native and third-generation Washingtonian, Michael McCarthy. Michael is the editor-in-chief of D.C.’s Modern Luxury where he featured Cap Juluca’s 15 million dollar modern renovation, and he covered Cap Juluca as a prime wedding destination in Modern Luxury Brides. Michael prefers to chill out at Cap Juluca—read on for more of his escape artist tips.

CJ: What is your favorite experience at Cap Juluca?

MM: Choosing the best is a challenge because I definitely have tried to experience everything—from snorkeling in a secluded cove after being ferried there by one of the resort’s chartered boats to simply drifting with the current in Maundays Bay—but I think my best memories have occurred after sunset: a private gourmet dinner on the beach and simply wandering along perfect beaches with my wife.

1 CJ Beach Dining

Photo courtesy of Cap Juluca

CJ: What’s your most memorable indulgence at the resort?

MM: Easy one! A couple’s spa treatment on the patio of our villa at dusk. The staff is exceptional in all areas of the resort, and the spa team definitely shines. This is a must for the winter weary.

2 Jonquil Outdoor Patio

Photo courtesy of Cap Juluca

CJ: Of course we have to know, what’s your favorite Anguilla beach and why?

MM: Maundays Bay is secluded, pristine and offers just enough diversions (sea kayaking, snorkeling and more) to keep the eternally fidgety (that’s me) satisfied throughout the day.

3 CJ Favorite Anguilla Beach shot by Michael McCarthy

Photo courtesy of Michael McCarthy

CJ: As a travel expert, what’s your best travel tip when traveling to paradise?

MM: It’s so challenging to disconnect. Our waking lives dictate we should be plugged-in, checking email and satisfying our collection of social-media platforms. But when you visit a place like Anguilla, and Cap Juluca in particular, just drop out for a few days or a week. This is absolutely the point.

After all, that’s why we travel: to discover a place and its people. This, in turn, invariably teaches us something, helps us grow, learn and, ultimately, escape. We need this for our souls. And the memories will sustain us until we hit the road and unplug again.

4 CJ Beach Chairs

Photo courtesy of Cap Juluca

CJ: Name an item or two you pack and cannot live without when you check into Cap Juluca?

MM: A couple of books, and old-school journal (yes, to put pen to actual paper) and my GoPro camera.

5 CJ Architecture by Michael McCarthy

Photo courtesy of Michael McCarthy

Michael’s work with Cap Juluca: Modern Luxury and Modern Luxury Brides


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