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Check Into Cap Juluca with Luiz Jr. Fernandes


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional jetsetter? Each month, we feature travel tips and off-the-record experiences by various jetsetters and journalists who have visited Cap Juluca.

Next on our esteemed list of journalists who have stayed at our luxury beachfront resort is Luiz Jr. Fernandes. Luiz founded the Brazilian travel blog Boa Viagem in November of 2009, which translated means “Good Journey,” where he shares his adventures and all he has learned while traveling, along with amazing photos. He was very excited to share his experiences at Cap Juluca and describe how much he loved it!


1 – What is your all-time favorite experience at Cap Juluca?

My experience at Cap Juluca was spectacular from the moment I discovered the existence of this place until the final minute of my checkout. I loved the unique way everyone treated me from the beginning to end. They have sensational methods of captivating their guests! No doubt my favorite experience at Cap Juluca was being able to leave my rooms open, feeling the ocean breeze with the possibility of rushing out at any moment to throw myself into Maundays Bay. One of the best beaches in Anguilla was right in front of my amazing room. I have visited more than 60 nations, and I can state with deep certainty some of the best treatments I’ve received on my international travels have been at Cap Juluca, no doubt one of the best resorts in the Caribbean Sea.


2 – What’s your most memorable indulgence at the resort? (whether a cocktail, employee, restaurant or spa treatment)

The first step into the room came just before the WOOOWW, which I managed to stammer while I walked into those exploding rooms. I was greeted with wine and canapes, and my very well planned villa had several spots of interest: a beautiful entrance hall, two fridges full of drinks, a closet to store my suitcases and clothes and a tremendous living room with comfortable armchairs. I then saw one of the most beautiful and comfortable beds I have ever rested on. The bathroom in my villa was an attraction apart from everything. One of the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever seen in my life, I want to copy the model and build an equal one for myself. Outside I had a hammock in which I lay down at night to see the stars until I fell asleep.

I was invited to an open-air, feet on the sand, candlelight dinner where I enjoyed a lobster barbecue that was truly spectacular. Practically all the experiences I gained at Cap Juluca were more than memorable. The simple walk through the sands of Maundays Bay, with subsequent diving into those clear waters, can accurately summarize some of the best experiences I have recorded in my memories.


3 – Of course we have to know, what’s your favorite Anguilla beach and why?

I do not think I have a favorite since almost all the beaches in Anguilla have conquered my heart. I loved that Maundays Bay was my official residence during the days I was immersed in the dream that became a reality visiting this wonderful nation. What a spectacular beach! Sand in the texture of talc, water always so refreshing and clear, extra VIP treatment at the beach with private sunbeds, having the right to spectacular drinks to kill my thirst whenever I wanted. I could not fail to mention how much I admired the wonderful Little Bay. What a sensational place – it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited in my life. I really enjoyed swimming in Shoal Bay (East and West), undoubtedly one of the most inviting beaches in Anguilla, yet nothing can get to the level of treatment I received at Maundays Bay while I was staying at Cap Juluca. I could stay there forever!


4 – As a travel expert, what’s your best travel tip when traveling to paradise?

Forget about the stress, the setbacks and sorrows at the boarding gate. You will not need any of that over there. Get plenty of rest in the days before the trip, as you will need all the energy your body can produce to explore the landscapes of this Caribbean nation. No matter how tired you are, you’ll still want to keep walking, driving and moving to get the most out of the spectacular scenery. If you do not have an explorer profile, you don’t have to worry because Cap Juluca was built for this main target: to provide memorable moments of leisure, entertainment and rest in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


5 – Name an item you pack and cannot live without when you check into Cap Juluca?

Never forget to take a good camera (preferably one that works also in wet environments). You will not be content if you stay without photographing those fancy landscapes found everywhere in this wonderful country. I tried to record all the environments I could see with my eyes through the clicks of my camera. Pack also spare batteries, battery chargers and memory cards. Make sure everything is working 100%. As much in the spectacular viewpoints and the moments when I refreshed myself by diving in the paradisiacal beaches to contemplate the marine life, I believe the most important elements were my cameras and my memory cards because without them I would not be able to share all the photos and videos with my family and friends when I returned to my country of origin. However, as it turns out, no photo has ever been able to accurately express the scenic beauty of the landscapes I contemplated with my own eyes in Anguilla.


6 – Anything else to add?

I must mention the importance of leaving at least one free week to experience the beauties of Anguilla with maximum fullness. Despite being one of the smallest Caribbean nations, this island is filled with adventure, entertainment and leisure activities. This is certainly one of the best alternatives for romantic honeymoon travel since I’m still single. But I surely want my honeymoon there! If you are looking for a top-notch place to enjoy memorable moments with your loved one, immerse yourself in lush beaches, savor gastronomic cuisine and unique treatment, exclusivity practiced by the resort staff. Without a doubt Cap Juluca is the ideal destination for you. I already want to go back to live new spectacular experiences alongside the beloved people of Anguilla.


All photos courtesy of Luiz Jr. Fernandes

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