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Check Into Cap Juluca with Katie McElveen

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional jetsetter? Each month, we feature travel tips and off-the-record experiences by various jetsetters and journalists who have visited Cap Juluca.

Next up, our Caribbean lover and friend checking in from South Carolina, Katie McElveen. Katie has written for Columbia Living, LA Travel, Atlanta Social Season, Charleston Magazine, Wilmington NC Magazine, Real Simple, AAA Go, among others. Katie’s an expert on travel, wellness, food and lifestyle, so read on to discover her secret on becoming part of the Cap Juluca family.

CJ: What is your all-time favorite experience at Cap Juluca?

KM: The night Omari Banks performed a cappella at our table at Blue at the end of the evening! It had been one of those perfect evenings—a glorious breeze, a delicious dinner and just the right amount of wine left to sip as we listened to Omari’s final set. He stopped by our table to say hello before he left, but ended up joining us for a moment. Someone mentioned a song and suddenly he was singing it, softly, clearly, beautifully.

Photo 1 by Cap Juluca_PimmsPhoto courtesy of Cap Juluca

CJ: What’s your most memorable indulgence at the resort?

KM: A late afternoon massage in my room. I like to prolong the post-massage return to reality as long as possible, so there’s nothing better than rolling off the massage table completely relaxed, grabbing a glass of champagne and enjoying the sunset from my private terrace.

Photo 2 by Katie McElveenPhoto courtesy of Katie McElveen

 CJ: Of course we have to know, what’s your favorite Anguilla beach and why?

KM: Anguilla is filled with glorious beaches, but I’ll take Maundays Bay over any of them. It’s absolutely stunning with white sand, that blue water and a view of St. Martin in the distance. On top of that, since nothing beats the beach setup at Cap Juluca – comfy chaise lounges, giant umbrellas, a cooler full of water and lunch delivery—I never have to leave.

Photo 3 by Katie McElveen_CJ beachPhoto courtesy of Katie McElveen

CJ: As a travel expert, what’s your best travel tip when traveling to paradise?

KM: I always pack a change of clothes and a bathing suit in my carry-on. That way, if my luggage is delayed, I can still enjoy my first day. I also save room in my bag for a fun take-home, like a piece of jewelry made on the island or a painting. I love the memories associated with the items I bring home.

Photo 4 by MC_ornamentPhoto courtesy of Marguarite Clark

CJ: Name an item you pack and cannot live without when you check into Cap Juluca?

KM: Definitely my Calypso bathing suit coverups. The bright patterns don’t show dirt or sweat, and they’re nice enough (and long enough) to wear to breakfast over my bathing suit. The gauzy cotton keeps me cool while blocking the sun too.

Photo 5 by Katie McElveenPhoto courtesy of Katie McElveen

CJ: Anything else to add?

KM: Yes. Once you find a place you love, go back as often as you can. There’s something soothing and incredibly relaxing about being able to settle into a place immediately. At Cap Juluca, you feel like family after your first day at the resort; returning is like a reunion.

Photo 6 by MC_champagnePhoto courtesy of Marguarite Clark

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