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In the Caribbean Everyone Knows a Little Something About Sailing: Regattas 101

Sailing and the Caribbean go together like cheese and fine wine. Hundreds of beautiful islands surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters makes for a fine setting to cruise around on a sailboat.

Sailing in the Caribbean originated from a place of need, but has since evolved into an enjoyable leisure activity that has become the most celebrated sport throughout much of the region. On Anguilla in particular, sailing is the national sport, and sailing events arouse as much excitement and anticipation as the Super Bowl!

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A Castle Fit For Cinderella Herself – Sandcastle Building Techniques to Try

Enormous, towering, and stunningly beautiful… sandcastles. Picture this: you’re walking along the beach and there it is, the most detailed and artistic sculpture you’ve ever seen, and it’s simply made of sand!

A red bucket, a small blue shovel, and as much sand as the heart desires – those used to be the only tools needed to construct a sandcastle, well an amateur sandcastle anyway. There isn’t anything wrong with amateur sandcastles, in fact the vast majority of sandcastles are amatuer in nature. It’s just that, if you haven’t heard, there are literally folks who are so professional at building sandcastles (and other structures) they make a living doing so

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Everything You Didn’t Know About the Lucrative Profession of Sandcastle Building

Take a moment to imagine the most unconventional profession possible. Not a hobby, craft, or interest, but an actual profession, something someone makes a living doing. Though the grand majority of us make a living doing something conventional, how many would wager that being a professional sandcastle builder can be, and actually is, a profession? Write that down in the book of coolest jobs to have.

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Because it Only Happens Once, Make it Perfect: Tips for Honeymoon Planning

December is the month of proposals. If you were one of the lucky-in-love couples who asked or got asked and said yes, congratulations! That magical moment will stay with you for a lifetime, and you’ve got plenty more magical moments ahead.

After the proposal, planning time begins, and goodness is there plenty to plan! The wedding, the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the bachelor/ette parties, need we say more? Naturally you’ll have friends, family, and a wedding planner to help out with each of those events, so let’s get down to the one event that involves just you and your fiancé – the honeymoon.

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Looking for The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Yet? Seek Anguilla

Roses are red, violets are blue, and an escape to Anguilla is the right choice for you. Escape the winter, the chaos, and the commercialism. For the most romantic Valentine’s Day this year, bring the focus back to the two of you. Shut out the rest of the world for a few days, weeks, or months as you release deeper into relaxation and lovers bliss on the small, quaint, and unbelievably romantic Caribbean island of Anguilla.

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Beyond Luxury: A Wedding and Honeymoon Destination Like No Other

Love is in the air. This time of year there’s a special magical energy that seems to penetrate every aspect of our everyday lives. Friends and family gather, some even travel long distances, just to bask in the glory of the season together. For those reasons and more, December is by far the most popular month for proposals. Though it’s slowest month for actual weddings, more couples than not will take their first steps towards a lifetime of matrimony.

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Dreaming of the Gift of Serenity? Plan Your Luxury Caribbean Getaway

What’s it called when temperatures are cozy, the sea is warm, the scenery is stunning, and the people are welcoming? Anguilla. Set in the idyllic British West Indies, Anguilla is arguably one of the closest Earthly places to what we might refer to as “Shangri-la, heaven, or paradise.” With temperatures rarely rising above 90 or dipping below 80 degrees, every Anguillian day embraces its residents and visitors alike with open arms.

Between weather, cultural activities and tourism, each month on the island brings something a little different. Each Anguillian month is splendid, and they all offer something a little different. Certain months have more rainfall, larger waves, or warmer temperatures, but when it’s all said and done, you can visit Anguilla any month of the year and have an absolutely lovely experience.

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While the World is Distracted, Anguilla Remains a Placid Paradise

After two months of hibernation so to speak, Anguilla has had its grand re-opening. Though the Caribbean has unbelievably phenomenal weather all year long, it still has seasons. Seasons in the Caribbean refer more to the ebb and flow of tourism, than they do the weather. For example, high season, which attracts the most tourists to the island each year, spans mid-December through March 31.

Anguilla features two large festivals a year: Festival Del Mar, and Carnival. Festival Del Mar takes place Easter weekend, and is a celebration of the island’s seafaring heritage. Carnival, the biggest event of the year on Anguilla, takes place in August, and afterwards, much of the island literally shuts down. The months of September and October are dedicated to rest, renovations, and utter detachment from tourism. As quick as a snap, it’s back to beautiful business as usual beginning November 1st. Except, a little known fact is that between now and Christmas is the premier time to visit Anguilla.

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On the Beach, In the Water, and From Around the World: Dining in Anguilla

Crystal clear, turquoise waters, sand nearly as white as snow, and 33 of the most enviable beaches in all the Caribbean – welcome to Anguilla, a petite island nestled in the Northeastern region of the Caribbean.

Not only is this dash of paradise already one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets, it also boasts the most delectable and worldly cuisine options in the entire region. To the islander’s delight, Anguilla continues to attract accomplished chefs from all over the world, while retaining homegrown Caribbean chefs, serving up local favorites year round.

Embracing local culture, while welcoming influences from across the globe, is the essence of what makes Anguilla such an idyllic place. Anguilla is calm and removed from the stresses of our fast-paced lifestyle, but it’s also lively, colorful, and simply delicious.

To paint a clearer picture of just what makes Anguillian cuisine so divine, here are a few examples to get your mouth watering.