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Experience Anguilla With Locals at The Most Exciting Event of the Year – Carnival

carnival in anguilla

Wild beach parties, exciting boat races and plenty of dancing, eating and drinking.  Welcome to the biggest event of the year in Anguilla – Carnival.  Though Anguilla is 35 square miles, it’s packed with spirit and liveliness, which few events exhibit as fully as Carnival.  The word “Carnival” may bring up images of Brazil and though the concept of general celebration is similar, Anguilla’s Carnival is it’s own unique festival.

“Carnival is hands down the most incredible time to live on, or be visiting, Anguilla,” exclaims Linda Hickox, owner of Cap Juluca.  “The excitement in the air is palpable, the happiness is boundless and the entire community comes together for nonstop partying and fun for over a week. If you experience Carnival once there’s a high likelihood you’ll be back to celebrate it again and again every year.”

In preparation for the big event happening soon, we’re going to detail the what, why, where and when of the Anguilla Carnival, so you can enjoy the celebrations just as much as the rest of us!

What to Know About Carnival in Anguilla

carnival in anguilla - beach

What: Carnival, also commonly referred to as “Summer Festival”  runs from the end of July through the beginning of August and features a plethora of entertaining events and celebrations. A few examples of the most popular festivities include:

  • August Monday – The biggest event of Carnival, August Monday, is a day filled with beach partiers, boat-races and a giant battle of the bands/dance party.
  • Boat-Race and Seafood Festival – Happens the Tuesday after August Monday (first Monday in August).
  • Opening Night Fireworks – To kick off the beginning of Carnival there is a brilliant fireworks show.
  • Anglec Calypso Monarch Competition – Calypso is a type of music and exuberant expression. At this event Anguillians compete in the hopes of winning.
  • August Thursday Boat-Race – Another boat-race, this time around Mead’s Bay.
  • Grand Parade of Troupes – A family favorite event, the Grand Parade is a parade featuring vibrant, flamboyant and colorful floats, dancers and music.
  • Champion of Champions Boat-Race – The final race where the winners of the previous boat-races all week long compete to see who is truly the best of all.

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Where: All over the small but beautiful island of Anguilla!  

When: Friday, July 22nd through Sunday, August 7th.

2/2/13 Sunrize over pool from Villa 9Why:  The Anguilla Carnival is a celebration of the anniversary of the Anguillians’ emancipation. Carnival is celebrated in many other parts of the Caribbean as well for the same reason. Not to be confused with the Carnival celebrations that take place in February or March in anticipation of lent, this is a different celebration entirely although both are colorful and fun!

How: For the how, let’s interpret it as how you can participate or learn more. To learn more visit here. To participate or celebrate alongside the Anguillians, you’ll need to book your trip!

Thankfully there’s a perfectly luxurious place for you to relax in between the stimulating Carnival events. An Anguilla institution, Cap Juluca Resort offers eighteen beach-front gorgeous Moorish-Greco freestanding villas that will soothe the soul and relax the mind. Let the hospitable and helpful team at Cap Juluca help answer any questions or arrange any details for your trip!

Bon voyage!

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