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Beyond Luxury: A Wedding and Honeymoon Destination Like No Other

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Love is in the air. This time of year there’s a special magical energy that seems to penetrate every aspect of our everyday lives. Friends and family gather, some even travel long distances, just to bask in the glory of the season together. For those reasons and more, December is by far the most popular month for proposals. Though it’s slowest month for actual weddings, more couples than not will take their first steps towards a lifetime of matrimony.

honeymoon destinationIf you’re one of the newly-engaged-lucky-in-love couples, it’s high time to dive into planning for the big day! Look no further than the one region in the world known for alleviating worries and demanding relaxation – the spectacular Caribbean.

The Perfect Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

Whether you’re looking for the perfect destination wedding destination, or the quintessential honeymoon spot, the Caribbean will take care of your every need. Truly the only challenge when it comes to the region is deciphering the myriad of island options. Due to the incredible amount of sandy beaches, lush greenery, and turquoise waters, it’s challenging to determine which specific slice of paradise one should choose.

All Caribbean islands are beautiful and have something unique to offer. With that in mind, here are five compelling reasons why Anguilla should be your first choice:

  1. You can’t fly directly there. Why is this a reason to choose the island? Simple – it isn’t a tourist trap filled with hordes of vacationers. Anguilla requires slightly more travel steps than some of the other more well-known islands, but those who persevere will be graciously rewarded with unparalleled access to nearly private beaches, exceptional privacy, fine dining, warm welcomes by the locals, and a truly authentic Caribbean experience.
  2. Anguilla oozes romance. Due to the more private nature of the island, it immediately feels like a hidden lovers escape.
  3. It has the whitest sand in the Caribbean. Why is this important? Because it looks so dramatically beautiful, and your photographs will look as stunning as possible. Whether you’re taking wedding photos or honeymoon photos, they’ll look like something out of a fairytale.
  4. Divine cuisine. Unbeknownst to those who aren’t in the know, Anguilla has the finest, and most diverse dining in the Caribbean. Chefs hail from all across the globe to design unique dishes for the likes of spectacularly famous celebrities, as well as newlyweds such as yourselves.
  5. Pampering is at a premium. The exclusivity of the island has historically attracted celebrities of such fame that they require destinations off the beaten track. This means that resorts, dining, spas, etc. have all been designed to cater to maximum luxury. You’ll have your choice of some of the finest and most lavish accommodations in the world.

honeymoon destinationNot convinced yet? It’s also important to mention that due to the flat nature of Anguilla, there’s even less weather changes and discrepancy in temperatures as there are in the rest of the Caribbean. Nearly everyday, year round, offers magnificent weather for getting married, honeymooning, or just celebrating life with loved ones.

One of the reasons Anguilla became an iconic exclusive destination to begin with, was the establishment of Cap Juluca. With 18 stark white Moroccan styled villas, Cap Juluca heightened the bar when it comes to Caribbean luxury. The gorgeous resort is the premier destination for honeymoons and weddings alike, and its long list of celebrity guests guarantees it offers the ultimate in luxury and privacy. Exchange vows directly on the beach, wake up to your first days of marriage in a gorgeous villa. This wedding season, go beyond the expected and choose a destination so incredible it’ll feel like a dream.

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