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Anguilla’s “Off” Season Can be The Perfect Time to Visit, Here’s Why

best time to visit anguilla - Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla

Birds migrate in the winter and so do people – to the Caribbean. This is a known fact.

Anguilla, one of the most luxurious Caribbean islands, finds itself buzzing with vacationers throughout mid-December through mid-April, when the weather is its most dazzling.

It’s no secret that visiting Anguilla requires a bit of an investment in terms of time and money. Most visitors to our fine island escape here because the island offers unbelievable luxury and privacy.

Yet, if you find an Anguillian vacation is out of your reach, then perhaps you haven’t learned of our August secret just yet.

Visiting Anguilla in August has a variety of benefits, all of which we think you’ll like. Intrigued? We thought so!

Why August Could Be the Best Time to Visit Anguilla

The Price is Right

best time to visit anguillaPrices around the island can be as much as half the high season rate throughout the month of August. With nearly all island accommodations being high-end luxury resorts and villas, this means you can stay twice as long in complete luxury. For example, a resort room that might usually cost around $900 can be booked for $395. For a fraction of the high season rates, you can stay at some of the most luxurious and idyllic resorts in the world. Definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

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Guess What? The Weather is Still Delightful!

When discussing the pristine weather patterns of Anguilla there’s one huge factor to keep in mind, the weather is lovely YEAR ROUND.

Yes, Anguilla does have quintessentially perfect weather during its busy season, but the weather is only slightly less perfect during the other seasons.

As in the high season dates offer 70 to 85 degree weather with light tradewinds.

Whereas the off season has temperatures above that or slightly below (but certainly not drastically below) with more or less wind and at times more or less rain.

Meaning, Anguilla’s weather is almost always better than the weather in the U.S. or Europe.

To enjoy the weather in August three main items are required: hat, sunglasses and a bathing suit.

Average Temperatures for August:

  • High: 89°F
  • Low: 78°F
  • Avg: 83°F
  • Rainfall: 3”

No Reservations Required

best time to visit anguillaAnguilla is famous for its cuisine. People visit the Caribbean for a variety of reasons, but those who visit to enjoy dining go to Anguilla.

Why is that? Anguilla is the island where talented chefs decide to set up shop. There isn’t a shortage of delicious restaurants to try, but during the busier months it can be a challenge to dine at the most popular spots. Anguilla is blessed with many annual visitors who already know which restaurants require reservations and make them sometimes months in advance.

By August most of the tourists have departed. The island itself is prepping for the nearing off season. Everything is slowing and calming down, leaving the stage open for you!

Plenty of… Everything.

Space on the beach, rentals, rental cars, etc. You name it, there’s more of it readily available in August.

Keep in mind Anguilla is never crowded. Not in the way places such as Cabo, Cancun and Jamaica can become. Anguilla’s M.O. is it’s the place to escape to get away from everybody. So whenever we use the word “busy,” it’s a very relative term.

In August, beaches that may normally have some people on them may have none at all. You can walk for miles along the most beautiful beaches in existence without running into another soul. Rental cars are known to become a hot commodity in the peak season because there aren’t always enough of them. In August there won’t be any shortages.

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You Can Bring the Family

best time to visit anguilla - family travelAnguilla is a wonderfully romantic place and, as such, plays host to many couples and honeymooners. Yet, it’s also a fabulous place for families especially with the off season pricing, which makes that additional room for the kids more affordable.

Anguilla is incredibly safe, offering limitless activities to engage with and plenty of villas to house everyone.

Now that the prices are lower, the rentals are plentiful and the restaurants don’t require much more than showing up, it’s an excellent time to bring the kids, too.

August is a lovely time to visit our little slice of paradise, but do keep in mind September is not! The entire island virtually shuts down in September and October. Be sure to check with your resort to find out official closing dates for local restaurants and activities.

We hope this guide has helped you decided when to visit. If you have any further questions or are still shopping for the perfect resort to stay in, take a look at our beautiful site for some common Q&A’s, room rates, packages and inspiration!

Cap Juluca Resort is a premier Anguilla resort offering 18 freestanding Moorish-Greco styled villas on Maundays Bay – a private mile-long stretch of beach.

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