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Summer is Nearly Over, But The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean Hasn’t Even Begun

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You’re casually lounging on a picturesque beach as you sip a perfectly crafted rum punch while gazing at the soft sway of the palm trees. Sounds like paradise, right? Perhaps this was your summer experience, or perhaps you’re lamenting this summer did not carry you away to an exotic getaway.  Chin up, no more regrets – we’re here to bring you excellent news. The best season to visit paradise hasn’t even happened yet.

Though this planet has quite a few idyllic regions offering their own versions of paradise, we will be focusing on one particular slice of perfect island life – Anguilla. Famous for it’s vacation vibes year round, the Caribbean is an incredible place to visit anytime. Yet the Caribbean is comprised of thousands of islands, and they are not all created equally, not by a longshot.  Not that we’re biased, but we think Anguilla Island is the top-shelf Caribbean offering.

Small yet unimaginably beautiful, remote yet perfectly accommodating, Anguilla is the crème de la crème of the Caribbean, and it’s best season hasn’t even started. Unbeknownst to many, summer isn’t the most popular time to visit the Caribbean, and if you weren’t able to in vacay June, July or August, not to worry.

November through the beginning of December is the ideal time to jet off to Anguilla, and here’s why:

The Best Time to Travel to The Caribbean – Here’s Why

The Island’s Grand Re-Opening Before the Crowds

best time to travel to the caribbeanFrom Christmastime through summer, Anguilla is in tip-top tourist shape. The end of December through April is roughly the most popular time, and, therefore the busiest, to visit, but June through August is plenty action-packed as well.

During September and October, the island is virtually shut down and closed for business. A much needed rest period ensues, and the hurricane season begins. Granted, Anguilla lies outside of the main hurricane belt and rarely suffers during the season, but it’s still not the best time for visitors.

Come November though, the island has had a lovely rest and is ready and excited to welcome visitors once more. Yet, visitors are fewer for a variety of reasons like lack of awareness, the holiday season, busy with work, etc.

Gorgeous weather, zero crowds and an entire island freshly re-opened for tourists equals the ideal time for your getaway.

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You Can Have It All

best time to travel to the caribbean - have it allThirty-three pristine beaches unclaimed. World-famous restaurants with few reservations. Suites at the most popular and luxurious resorts free for the booking. Seriously! There aren’t enough visitors to prevent you from having the exotic escape of your dreams.

Anguilla is the island people retreat to for total privacy and feeling far, far away from regular life. Even when it’s busy, Anguilla still provides the perfect ambiance, but imagine how exceptional it is when it isn’t busy!

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Everyone and Every Place is Freshly Hospitable

best time to travel to the caribbean- friendlyAnguilla is well known for being extremely luxurious yet unpretentious and welcoming without being overbearing. Naturally you’ll have a lovely experience any time of the year, but why not have the best possible experience?

After two months of resting, every person on the island is refreshed and superbly hospitable!

Typically Flawless Weather

This may have been mentioned, but let’s mention it again – the weather is absolutely gorgeous in November and December.

It is worth keeping general climate change in mind, as it gets less easy to predict weather patterns across the globe. But judging from recent history, the weather during these months is nearly flawless.

Book Your Caribbean Vacation

As you can see, there’s no need to feel sad that summer is over because the best is yet to come! Spend your last moments of summer planning and booking your Anguillian getaway! For the ultimate Anguilla experience during the best time to travel to the Caribbean, you should plan your stay at none other than the classic Cap Juluca Resort. Renowned for its striking white Greco-Moorish architecture and mile-long private beach, Cap Juluca has everything you’ll need for an unforgettable vacation. If you need help planning or have any questions about the island, please don’t hesitate to contact the Cap Juluca team! Happy daydreaming-turned-planning!

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