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The Best Spring Break Location Offers Peace, Calm and Serenity – Discover Anguilla

best spring break location anguilla

Now that we’re in the doldrums of winter, it’s time to eye the prize that is Spring Break 2016. Thankfully we happen to all reside on a planet that is filled with breathtakingly beautiful places spread out across the globe. So as you move through one blustery cold winter day after the next, how exactly will you decide which region will be your nesting place this Spring? It can be truly difficult to decide, but to ease your struggle we suggest one of the most diverse, exotic, and idyllic regions planet Earth has to offer – the Caribbean.

best spring break location anguilla

The Caribbean is quite large, and with 28 island nations, and 7,000 individual islands, your search for Spring break paradise hasn’t been narrowed down all that much yet. Well, it really just depends on what kind of vibe you’re looking for. The Caribbean has everything from party islands, family-oriented islands, islands filled with Australian and German tourists, islands known for being destination-wedding oriented, and so much more.

Let’s say, for example, that you would rather not be surrounded by other tourists, you want little to no chance of the weather being anything other than pleasant, and you want to experience the utmost in luxury. If that’s the case then there’s one clear choice for you – Anguilla.

Haven’t heard of Anguilla? Good. Ever heard of Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, or Negril, Jamaica? Yes, us too. Those locations are beautiful to be sure, but they are crawling with Spring-breakers. Anguilla, on the other hand is much too exclusive and remote to be a target for the college students or giant tour groups. Not convinced just yet? Here are some top reasons why Anguilla is the Caribbean island of choice for Spring break:

Here are some top reasons why Anguilla best spring break location:

  • best spring break location anguillaYou Can’t Fly to Anguilla Very few direct flights, means more intimacy once you arrive on the island. It’s actually quite simple to get to Anguilla, simply catch a flight to St. Maarten and then hop on a ferry to Anguilla. You can literally see St. Maarten from Anguilla they’re so close. Everyone else’s loss is your gain – no booked out ferry’s or crowded resorts for you.
  • Beach Space Like You Wouldn’t Believe – Crowded beaches are for some, but most of us would prefer having more than six inches of space between us and our neighbors. Space is a non-issue on Anguilla. For example, Cap Juluca Resort has an entire mile-long private beach for it’s guests. Not to mention the island has 33 beaches to choose from. Space on the beach also means there’s never a lack of available rentals. Sailboats, snorkel gear, flotation devices… whatever you desire will be right there.
  • best spring break location anguillaWorld-Renowned Cuisine – For an island so small, a mere 34 square miles, there is an out-of-this-world cuisine scene. Seriously, chefs from all over the world travel to Anguilla to live and work. Besides having a myriad of types of cuisine, there’s also a large selection of dining locations – in the water, on the water, or next to the water.
  • The Whitest Sand… Ever – Truly Anguilla has become quite well-known for having the most pristine, powder-white sand anyone has laid eyes on. In fact the island has received awards for how nice its beaches are.
  • Predictably Fabulous Weather – Generally speaking the Caribbean is known for having fantastic weather, obviously that’s one of the main reasons people visit. Anguilla, though, is completely flat, which means there are hardly any clouds or rain, and there’s plenty of sunshine.
  • Excitement Around Every Corner – Crystal clear water means unparalleled snorkeling. Sailing just so happens to be the national sport. Oh, and the calm waters at Maunday’s Bay are simply ideal for paddle boarding.

best spring break location anguillaAre there plenty more reasons? Absolutely, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. If you want to know every single reason why Anguilla is as close to paradise on Earth as one can get, well, then you’ll just have to come visit! Oh, one more teeny reason that shouldn’t get left out – Easter. Easter on Anguilla is a unique experience because the kiddos can actually go on an Easter Egg hunt in the most spectacular surroundings possible, at the iconic Cap Juluca Resort. If your Spring Break lands near Easter, even better. Next time you’re at work daydreaming about a warm sandy beach, do yourself a favor and book your trip to Anguilla, and shhhushh, we don’t want everyone finding out about our secrets.


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