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Because it Only Happens Once, Make it Perfect: Tips for Honeymoon Planning

tips for honeymoon planning

December is the month of proposals. If you were one of the lucky-in-love couples who asked or got asked and said yes, congratulations! That magical moment will stay with you for a lifetime, and you’ve got plenty more magical moments ahead.

After the proposal, planning time begins, and goodness is there plenty to plan! The wedding, the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the bachelor/ette parties, need we say more? Naturally you’ll have friends, family, and a wedding planner to help out with each of those events, so let’s get down to the one event that involves just you and your fiancé – the honeymoon.

Planning a honeymoon is similar to cooking in a way. Take any dish, for example – lasagna. Lasagna is typically tasty, and can be found on the menu at thousands of different restaurants. Does every single lasagna taste delicious? No. Why not? Simple, it all comes down to the ingredients.

You might be thinking “as long as there’s a beach, a bed, and food, it’s going to be a great honeymoon.” Sure, that could be true, but instead of a satisfactory honeymoon, why not strive for a phenomenal one? Here are few “ingredients” to consider when designing the most epically magnificent honeymoon of all time.

Tips for Honeymoon Planning

Space… On the Beach

Tips for Honeymoon PlanningWarm, white sand, warm turquoise water, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. Sound like your kind of scene? You’d be shocked how many places offer this scene, except with hundreds or thousands of other people on the beach too. Avoid some of the more “mainstream” honeymoon haunts if you’d prefer to have some privacy and space. Does the resort you’re considering have it’s own “private” beach? If so, be sure to ask how many rooms and people the resort typically has at the time you’re visiting. If it’s a large resort there could be up to 500 plus people using one beach that’s likely less than a half mile long. Not exactly a picture of romance and privacy. Opt for a resort that has ample space, a large private beach, and a low number of rooms and villas.

Five Star Chefs Around Every Corner

Tips for Honeymoon PlanningThis is your honeymoon, a once in a lifetime luxurious experience of taking your first steps of matrimony together. Do you want to eat merely passable cuisine? Or would you rather have a plethora of five star restaurants, featuring world-renowned chefs to choose from? Many honeymoon destinations cater to tourists, and provide “touristy” food, which means mass produced, fake cultural “favorites,” and possibly chains. From the food to the beach, choose a destination that will ensure every detail of your trip is mind-blowingly fabulous.

Luxury With a Twist of Home Comfort

Tips for Honeymoon PlanningAll-inclusives in places such as Cabo, the Bahamas, and Dominican Republic are great fun, but the service is typically mass produced and insincere. For the utmost in luxury and romance, select a resort that goes above and beyond to personalize your experience, and even makes you feel at home. Rather than sitting among hundreds of other couples, families, and travel groups, dine in private, on the beach, in the water, and dozens of other romantic settings. This can only be achieved on a small, remote, and private location.

A lasagna can be cooked with prepackaged store bought cheese, pasta that was made a year ago in a factory, and canned tomato sauce. Or, lasagna can be cooked with cheese from a local farm, home-made pasta, and homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes from the backyard garden. Will there be a taste difference between the lasagnas? Absolutely. Design your honeymoon recipe with the world’s best ingredients, and it will be an enormous success. Make the honeymoon as unforgettable as the proposal and the wedding, and begin your lifelong journey together in a tranquil, gorgeous, paradise.

Small and idyllic, Anguilla, an island in the British West Indies in the Caribbean, has the finest ingredients around to offer you most delicious honeymoon possible. Though the entire island is peaceful and private, no resort can compare to the magnificent beauty and unsurpassed customer service of Cap Juluca Resort. Anguilla tends to get booked well in advance due to it’s private nature and size. Book your honeymoon in paradise as soon as possible! Congratulations, Happy New Year, and see you soon!

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