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Five Reasons to Plan a Romantic Getaway to Anguilla Before the Holidays

plan a romantic getaway to anguilla

Not Thanksgiving or Christmas or even in the beginning of the New Year. No, the absolute perfect time for you to whisk your other half away for a whirlwind Anguillian getaway happens to be from November 1 to December 18.

We’re so passionate about this quintessential time for a trip to our small slice of paradise, we are about to equip you with our top five reasons on why the first half of November is ideal.

Why it’s time to plan a romantic getaway to Anguilla

Pop the Question Before Everyone Else Does

plan a romantic getaway to anguilla - proposalAs soon as the holidays arrive, you can bet your bottom dollar your social media channels will be filled with engagements galore! ‘Tis the season for courageous acts of love, but if that’s when you were planning on popping the question, perhaps consider a pre-holiday getaway to ask your sweetheart. Anguilla is without a doubt one of the most romantic islands in the entire Caribbean and provides a picture-perfect backdrop for the epic moment. Since most other proposals will happen a few weeks to a month or so later, your gorgeous proposal pictures won’t have to share the limelight with anyone, and now when you return home together for family holiday festivities, you’ll have that much more to celebrate!

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It’s an Election Year

Typically election years bring slower travel because everyone wants to be around to see and experience the end result. With that being said, there are two excellent reasons why this is a great opportunity to jet off to secluded Anguilla with your honey 1. Skip the political drama and retreat to a sandy beach. 2. The island will be all yours. Seriously, if politics isn’t your favorite subject to discuss or if there is no need for any more discussion, then take this chance to connect with your loved one surrounded by unbelievable beauty and luxury. Few subjects are less romantic than politics, and few places are more romantic than Anguilla.

It’s Perfectly Peaceful

Cap JulucaThe caribbean offers excellent weather practically 24/7, and as such takes a well-deserved break for two months during the off season – September and October. Anguilla is nearly all closed for business during this time, but what many people don’t realize is it re-opens as soon as November rolls around. What does this mean for you? It means you can experience the island paradise fresh from its rest. From the hotels to the locals, the general attitude and ambiance of the island feels utterly calm, relaxed and excited to welcome visitors. Not to mention fewer tourists are visit during early November, so you and your significant other can romantically stroll any beach undisturbed.

Even More for Your Money

Anguilla is an island of immense luxury. Certainly not the island to visit on a budget, but it’s safe to say when the island re-opens in November there are opportunities to get even more for your money. Rather than a suite, an entire private villa may be within your reach. Book not just one romantic horseback adventure, but maybe go two or three times! Instead of just one romantic day trip to St. Martin, it may be possible to add another trip to St. Barths or a deep sea fishing excursion. With prices slightly lower, your investments will go much further.

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Perfect Weather, Perfect Dining, Perfect EVERYTHING

romantic valentine's day in anguillaIt’s hard to dial down the enthusiasm when quite literally everything on the island is perfect in the beginning of November. The summer heat has passed, not that it was even bad, and the deliciously crisp and warm autumn weather sets in. Because the beginning of November is slightly less busy, every five-star restaurant in town will still have available reservations, or who knows – maybe you can even walk in. Anguilla is a place of pristine beauty, but one could argue it’s at peak perfection right out of the closed season because the island spends that time preparing for the opening of the next season. It would be impossible not to feel romantic when your vacation is going smoother than a sailing trip on a perfect trade-wind waters.

If you’re just about ready to take the plunge to book that November, pre-holiday blissfully romantic getaway, then we salute you! To seal the deal and make this an unforgettable trip, consider staying at the classically luxurious Cap Juluca Resort.

One of the first resorts to explore and embrace true aesthetic innovation and luxury in the Caribbean, Cap Juluca Resort is a striking sight to behold with its Greco-Moorish architecture and expansive mile-long Maundays Bay beach. For any reservations or inquiries, please visit here. To add a sweet cherry to the top of your vacation Sundae, Cap Juluca is offering a complimentary 5th night so you can have even more Maundays.

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