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Sailing in Anguilla – The Undisputed Fever for Boat Racing

Forget football, baseball, or basketball, the national sport of this exclusive and idyllic island is much more glamorous and adventurous.  Sun, wind, sea, and sails. That’s right sailing is the national sport of the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

All 35 square miles of Anguilla is completely surrounded by sparkling turquoise water. It’s no wonder the national sport became sailing, with little land mass and plenty of sea, seems like the obvious choice!

Except, sailing became the national sport for a less-than-obvious reason, a reason that is both fascinating, and exciting to hear.

It all started with sugar….

Anguilla Experience, Caribbean Events

Tired of Mainstream Music Festivals? Retreat to Moonsplash for a Reggae Festival That’s Anything But

Imagine this – a tiny exclusive Caribbean island is a regular destination for A-list celebrities, 3 days of reggae filled bliss under the full moon and only a few hundred other souls who are equally committed to the music. Except, you don’t have to just imagine this spectacular scene, you can live it at this year’s Moonsplash Festival on the island of Anguilla, British West Indies.

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These Caribbean Music Festivals Will Blow Coachella Out of the Water

Let’s see, exchange greasy food-truck food for freshly caught lobster tail and crayfish. Swap out sweltering heat in the desert, for beautiful cool ocean breezes and sparkling turquoise waters. Lastly, let’s remove long long lines, crowded grounds, and squished camping for an intimate setting, zero lines, quite a few yachts and an overall feeling of  luxury. This is the difference between music festivals like Coachella, and music festivals in the Caribbean.

Just like everything else in the Caribbean, music festivals are ultra laid-back and insanely fun. Unbeknownst to many outside the region, nearly every island in the region has at least one wildly fun music festival a year. It’s safe to say that anytime you visit the Caribbean, there will be some “festing” going on nearby. Although the Caribbean is super laid-back and friendly, many of the festivals are small and intimate, with 500 or fewer tickets sold to an event. To ensure you get to bask in the sweet sounds and laid-back atmosphere, purchase your tickets well in advance. Wondering which music festival is the one for you?