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The Best Spring Break Location Offers Peace, Calm and Serenity – Discover Anguilla

Now that we’re in the doldrums of winter, it’s time to eye the prize that is Spring Break 2016. Thankfully we happen to all reside on a planet that is filled with breathtakingly beautiful places spread out across the globe. So as you move through one blustery cold winter day after the next, how exactly will you decide which region will be your nesting place this Spring? It can be truly difficult to decide, but to ease your struggle we suggest one of the most diverse, exotic, and idyllic regions planet Earth has to offer – the Caribbean.

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A Castle Fit For Cinderella Herself – Sandcastle Building Techniques to Try

Enormous, towering, and stunningly beautiful… sandcastles. Picture this: you’re walking along the beach and there it is, the most detailed and artistic sculpture you’ve ever seen, and it’s simply made of sand!

A red bucket, a small blue shovel, and as much sand as the heart desires – those used to be the only tools needed to construct a sandcastle, well an amateur sandcastle anyway. There isn’t anything wrong with amateur sandcastles, in fact the vast majority of sandcastles are amatuer in nature. It’s just that, if you haven’t heard, there are literally folks who are so professional at building sandcastles (and other structures) they make a living doing so

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Everything You Didn’t Know About the Lucrative Profession of Sandcastle Building

Take a moment to imagine the most unconventional profession possible. Not a hobby, craft, or interest, but an actual profession, something someone makes a living doing. Though the grand majority of us make a living doing something conventional, how many would wager that being a professional sandcastle builder can be, and actually is, a profession? Write that down in the book of coolest jobs to have.