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Our Top 5 Anguilla Experiences

It’s a fresh year ahead, and 2017 is all about exploration. With so many adventures to be had on Anguilla, we’re here to help you discover a deeper sense of place by sharing our top five island experiences. Turn over a new leaf and plan your visit to Cap Juluca this year with our list below:

topphotoPhoto: Marguarite Clark

Come Sail Away

As you may know, Anguilla’s national sport is sailing. Get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to sail on a traditional West Indian sloop with the crew at Tradition Sailing. Take the tiller, raise the sails or simply relax as they top off your champagne. Arrange an afternoon snorkel, sunset sail or for the more adventurous, a day at Prickly Pear islands for prime snorkeling and the most delicious lobster on Anguilla.

tradition2Photo: David Lansing

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Check Into Cap Juluca with Becca Hensley

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional jetsetter? Each month, we feature travel tips and off-the-record experiences by various jetsetters and journalists who have visited Cap Juluca.

Next up, our curious friend and Austinite, Becca Hensley. Becca has written for Coastal Living, Travel + Leisure and the Austin American-Statesman to name a few and is an all-around bon vivant! Becca’s a seasoned travel expert, and her beat is luxury travel, which makes her a fabulous guest to check in with on her love for Cap Juluca.

CJ: What is your all-time favorite experience at Cap Juluca?

BH: I’ve had so many magical moments at Cap Juluca. I love just sitting on my deck watching the sea. But in some ways, stepping off property with the hotel’s stellar staff defined my recent stay most of all. We boarded the resort’s boat for a sunset sail anchoring for a bit in Little Bay, sipped champagne and snorkeled. We watched crazies jump from the cliffs, never contemplating to participate. We were having far too much fun with our entourage. Kudos to Elvis who made the jaunt magic.


CJ: What’s your most memorable indulgence at the resort?

BH: I love Cap Juluca – from the bounty in the gift shop to the way the staff remembers you from last time and truly wants to know how you are feeling. The live music, the clapping of waves against the shore, the croaking of frogs – it’s all a beautiful, barefoot-elegant kind of indulgence.


Anguilla Experience

Anguilla: Seven Days and Seven Beaches

With over 30 Anguillian beaches to choose from, the daily decision of where to go can be tough. We get it! We will make island life a little easier for you with a quick itinerary of our favorite beaches and why. Check out our top seven beach experiences below for your next week-long trip to Cap Juluca:

Day 1: Get Established

We must begin with our personal favorite and where we call home, Maundays Bay! Our crescent shaped cove is ideal for snorkeling, seashell hunting and afternoon wading in possibly the clearest waters on the island.


Maundays Bay, Courtesy of Lacy Colley Yamaoka

Day 2: Blue Daze

Meads Bay often struts many shades of blue and is home to the charming Blanchard’s Beach Shack, which is a must for a casual day at the beach. If you prefer a bottle of rosé and tableside steak tartare, Jacala next door is your spot. Both places offer lounge chairs for a day of contentment on this long, stretch of sand.


Meads Bay, Courtesy of Lacy Colley Yamaoka

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Check into Cap Juluca with David Lansing

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional jetsetter? Starting this month, we will feature travel tips and off-the-record experiences by various jetsetters and journalists who have visited Cap Juluca.

First up, our talented friend and wordsmith, David Lansing. David has written for National Geographic Traveler and Islands Magazine, to name a few, and refers to himself as a modern-day flâneur – a French term meaning gentleman stroller of the streets and aimless wanderer. David’s relaxed approach and taste for the finer things in life make him an ideal guest to check in with on all things Anguilla.

cj_beach_courtesy-of-david-lansingPhoto: David Lansing

CJ: What is your all-time favorite experience at Cap Juluca?

DL: I love going out on the resort’s 32-foot sailboat for a sunset cruise. Captain Eddie and his crewmate, Elvis, are extremely gracious, and sipping champagne while watching a squall play out far over the horizon is always a treat. And you just know that at some point on the cruise, Elvis is going to tell you a great story. My favorite is about the honeymooning couple from Oklahoma who were completely hammered when they jumped off the boat, swam to a nearby limestone cliff with a prominent sign at the top that said in big bold red letters ABSOLUTELY NO JUMPING, used a rope to climb up the sheer rock and then jumped like lemmings into the sea some 30 feet below. They were a little scratched up from climbing the cliff but otherwise fine, according to Elvis. Before this story can fully sink in, Elvis says, “Did I tell you about the group of rich Russians we had on board one time?” He did not. But he will.

elvis-pouring-champagnePhoto: David Lansing

Cap Juluca Experience

How to Plan A Caribbean Christmas

Visiting the Caribbean any time of year is always exciting but December is the most festive. If you are planning a white-sand Christmas at Cap Juluca, check out our tips to ensure more time to relax or as the locals say, more time to lime.

cj_beach-white-sand-2Photo: Cap Juluca

To begin leave the details up to us. We highly recommend securing your holiday dining reservations at Cap Juluca prior to your arrival, and our concierge is happy to assist. The only island time to remember is 3 p.m. when we serve our housemade fruit sorbet −  beachside!

thanksgiving in the caribbean - pimmsPhoto: Cap Juluca

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Create The Engagement Fairytale of Her Dreams on Anguilla

Congratulations! You’ve found that special someone to spend happily forever after with. Now that you know for sure, you can begin brainstorming the next step… the proposal!

No pressure or anything, but be sure to consider you two will be telling the story of your engagement for the rest of your lives, so make it a great one!

There are few things more enjoyable than listening to a sweet engagement story, and now is your chance to create your very own.

How you popped the question isn’t the only important detail though. There’s also the where to consider.

To help inspire your romantic creativity, we’ll let you in on our secret, perfect and utterly romantic favorite destination for proposals – Anguilla Island in the Caribbean.

Tucked away in the northwest corner of the Caribbean, Anguilla is as peaceful and remote as romantic islands come. It’s truly a heavenly destination and the absolutely ideal place to surprise your sweetheart.

Anguilla Experience, Cap Juluca Experience

Have the Vacation of a Lifetime – Why Hotel Packages Offer the Most Value

Are you in the market for a vacation? If not, you should be!

We all need to get away from time to time, disconnect from everyday stresses and spend quality time with loved ones… somewhere tropical and beautiful.

One simple way to enhance any vacation is to book a package, rather than just a normal stay. Many factors go into planning a trip and a great experience at a good value is usually part of the equation.

Everyone wants to create great memories and get the most bang for their buck, and we all should. It’s our vacation after all. Packages are essentially a series of items, usually cohesive or themed, the hotel puts together under one price tag. To help ensure your next getaway is phenomenal, let us let you in on the benefits of hotel package deals.

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For The Caribbean Vacationer, a Little Trade Wind Trivia

Exactly what makes an idyllic Caribbean island so… idyllic? Imagine for a moment you are on a pristine beach, gazing out to sea.

What sights, sounds and feelings come to mind?

Anything to do with the feel and/or sound of a light breeze?

We’re guessing yes, and you imagined accurately. Many of the most beautiful and idyllic places on the globe have one detail in common tradewinds.

Much of that perfect, balmy, breezy weather we imagine so easily when thinking of an island getaway, comes from trade winds.

To prepare you for your next jaunt to paradise, here’s a bit of trade wind trivia for you to enjoy:

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There’s Paradise, And Then there’s These Five Caribbean Beach Bars

Palm tree swaying in the light breeze. Lounge chairs casually strewn across the sand with swimsuit clad vacationers sipping on a cocktail decorated with a colorful little umbrella.

There’s a distinct reason why this is a common image seen and imagined when it comes to the Caribbean – because it’s what really happens.

The Caribbean is a destination that offers both an unyielding array of activities or the option to be utterly lazy.

Plenty of vacationers opt for the occasional excursion, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking or scuba diving, but for the most part people retreat to the Caribbean to lounge around and do a whole lot of nothing.

Each picturesque island is a slice of paradise where nothing is expected from visitors and every luxury awaits.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Caribbean pastimes is consumption of tropical beverages. If you’re in the Caribbean, chances are it’s for a vacation, so the time is ripe to sit beachside and sip on an iconic rum punch.

With a vast array of islands, and even more beach bars, to choose from, one might wonder how such a decision is to be made?

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Trade Snow for Sand and Turkey for Rum Punch – Thanksgiving Anguillian Style

Did winter find you just a little too early last year? Did you find yourself dreaming of sand instead of snow and bikinis instead of coats?

No one can blame you if that was the case. Seems like this might be the opportune moment to consider a very untraditional Thanksgiving in the most incredible destination possible: the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies.

Retreat to paradise void of hectic traffic, fast food chains and anything less than perfectly luxurious.

If an Anguillian Thanksgiving is truly on your radar, let us paint of picture of what you can expect instead of turkey and snow.